Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey, Republican establishment: Do you want your party united around an electable presidential nominee? Then you might want to ask yourself whether these guys are good for you:

That's the lead story at Fox Nation right now. It's a video commentary by Todd Starnes in which the establishment is slammed -- including Starnes's Fox colleague Karl Rove, by name.

STARNES: ... By all accounts, the senator has a strong résumé -- degrees from Princeton and Harvard. He's a devout believer in our Lord, and he's a defender of the United States Constitution and the nation of Israel.

Ted Cruz loves America, and he believes in American exceptionalism, and a lot of folks are ready for that kind of president. Ted Cruz wants to be our next president. More than 54,000 of you weighed in on my Facebook page -- a majority believe Ted's the man.

But I believe the senator's biggest opposition will come not from Democrats, but from establishment Republicans. I'm talking about you, Karl Rove and John McCain, calling us wacko birds!

Establishment Republicans loathe evangelical Christians. That's the cold, hard truth. They want our votes, not our values, and they sure as heck don't want their nominee to be a gun-totin' Baptist Bible-clinger.

But there's another cold, hard truth for Karl Rove and John McCain to consider: They may not like us, but they can't win the White House without us.
Hey, we Democrats and liberals don't have to divide the GOP -- Fox will do it for us.

We'll see if Cruz himself talks this way tonight when Sean Hannity has him on for the full hour. Yes, keep promoting guys like this, Fox. Pull the voters rightward. Pull your inevitably more moderate nominee rightward. It worked so well for you in the last couple of presidential cycles, didn't it?

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Glennis said...

he's a defender of the United States Constitution and the nation of Israel.

The fact that Starnes couples the Constitution with the nation of Israel in his endorsement for a US President tells you all you need to know about these people. They don't have America's interests at heart.