Tuesday, March 17, 2015


More fine, upstanding young future leaders from the Greek system:
A Penn State fraternity is suspended after police said they created a secret Facebook page where they posted offensive pictures.

... several members of this fraternity are accused of taking pictures of women, mostly nude while sleeping or passed out, and sharing those photos online.

State College police said a tip came in informing them of two private Facebook pages created and run by members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity.

... members allegedly shared photos of drug sales, hazing and photos of unsuspecting victims -- mostly women -- partially naked.

“It appears they were passed out or sleeping,” said Lt. Keith Robb of the State College police....
Kappa Delta Rho? Yeah, these guys:

And in the context of today's news, I'm really enjoying this video:

SHAWN M. HOKE, PAST NATIONAL PRESIDENT: One of the greatest criticisms of fraternities today is the wide gap that often exists between stated fraternal values and the actions of undergraduate members. If fraternities hope to survive and thrive for another hundred years, they must do a better job of teaching, promoting, and upholding their stated values.
This leads, ultimately, to a reading of KDR's Precepts:
As a Brother of the National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho, I have but one aim: to lead an honorable life.

To this end, I am bound by my words and actions to:

* Embrace the principles and spirit of the Kappa Delta Rho Gentleman, treating all those I encounter with dignity and respect;
* Work diligently in the pursuit of my education, understanding that I am a student first and that the quest for knowledge is an endeavor which will last a lifetime;
* Meet all of my obligations to the Fraternity in a timely manner, so as to ensure that I am doing my share and that I am not a burden to my brothers;
* Engage in the service of mankind, not for the praise or recognition that such service may bring, but because it is the right thing to do;
* Serve as my brothers’ keeper, holding them accountable for their actions as they hold me accountable for mine, and
* Support my Alma mater, that she may view Kappa Delta Rho as a partner in the development of her students.

I understand that membership in Kappa Delta Rho is a lifelong privilege that is contingent upon my willingness to incorporate the values of the Fraternity into my daily life and uphold the oath I have sworn. As I speak these words I once again affirm to my brothers, and all who hear me, that I am a KDR Gentleman and I will place Honor Above All Things.

Honor Super Omnia!
I think there are people in this society who actually fall for this nonsense, at least to some extent -- they want to believe that fraternities are at about "service" as much as they're about male bonding and self-indulgence with no consideration of others' feelings.

The top entry at Urban Dictionary for Kappa Delta Rho is equally unrealistic, but I'm sure it's a much more accurate portrayal of what fraternity members aspire to than the highfalutin Precepts:
kappa delta rho

also known as KDR, they're generally known on campus for throwing the most badass parties, having sex with all the hottest women, destroying other frats in sports, all this while maintaining the grades of a champion. Remember, you can't spell drunk without KDR.

Their motto is as follows:
This is about feeling the fire within and embracing it, squeezing it TIGHT and unleashing drunken fury on all surrounding persons. Seizing the moment and breaking through the walls. If you yourself have ever heard the thunder, fear not. kneel before KDR and let its glorious wisdom soak into your brain. Lawn chairs will be shattered, High Fives will be plentiful, touchdown passes will be thrown, and all out terror will ensue, this is only the beginning.

Who we are?

Hot Girl 1: "Where are you going tonight?"
Hot Girl 2: "To the Kappa Delta Rho house where I know I won't be ruffied like at all those other wackass frats"
Fat Ugly Girl: "Where did you say you all were going tonight?"
Hot Girl 2: "I don't think you're welcome there."

Frat Guy 1: "Hey we need to sign up for sports."
Frat Guy 2: "there's no reason too, Kappa Delta Rho is already signed up."
Frat Guy 1: "Damn them for being so fratastically awesome!"

Hot Girls 1,2,and 3: "We want to fuck you!"
KDR 1: "Of course you do, I'm a Kappa Delta Rho."
Maybe we can ask a prominent alum to reconcile these two conflicting visions. Ari Fleischer, your thoughts?


Victor said...

I preferred to drink with my old HS friends, so, when I went to college, and a frat tried to recruit me, I looked at the meatheads in it, and what a bunch of sloppy bigoted drunks they were, and I declined.

I don't think I missed anything.

But, then, I was always considered one of the leaders in any group I was, so I've never been inclined to become a herd animal.

oc democrat said...

"Ari Fleischer, your thoughts? "

Low BLow, with the double entendre

Palli said...

Larry Wilmore: "You won’t be seeing any more racist frat boys — until they’re your congressman." Damn he probably right.