Saturday, March 21, 2015


Across the political spectrum, people were horrified at what was done in Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic in Philadelphia -- but while advocates of legal abortion thought the Gosnell case revealed the need for more regulatory attention to genuine acts of malpractice and greater access to responsible practicioners, the right has used the case as an excuse to tighten the screws on legitimate providers who follow proper procedures. And the case has generated a sustained group self-righteousness-gasm on the right, one that shows no signs of subsiding.

I told you last year that a team of right-wingers had mounted a crowdfunding campaign for a movie about Gosnell. If you wondered whether the movie might succeed as outreach to the unconverted, the poster for the film was pretty much all the answer you needed:

Yup -- preaching to the choir. ("The Doctor Is Sin" -- get it? Get it???)

Well, now the film has a director lined up -- a real Christian, a true spiritual descendant of the humble Man from Galilee.

Nick Searcy.
FX’s Justified star Nick Searcy will direct Gosnell, a crime drama telling what the media refused to -- the story of convicted Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story March 18 and detailed how Searcy felt “both excited and humbled” to voice the “story that many in Hollywood were unwilling to tell.”
You know Searcy -- actor, occasional director (well, one-time director, and that was in 1997), and a guy who spends a disproportionate percentage of his time attacking political enemies on Twitter, just the way Jesus would have.

Should we assume that the filmmakers actually want to make this movie and not merely collect cash and email addresses through their crowdfunding campaign? (They're asking for another half a mil right now.) I assume they're serious -- their executive producer is John Sullivan, who co-directed two Dinesh D'Souza movies that were actually released.

In that case, if the movie really will someday see the light of day, I think they should consider promoting it on Twitter with a @YesFetusSearcy account. It would be written in the voice of an angry, doughy, middle-aged fetus that insults other fetuses for their ideas and their physical attributes. Y'know, something like this: "Yr so fat, lib lardass, they'll have to give yr mom world's largest cesarean scar. #GodsWrath #tcot #BreitbartLives" Yeah, bring it, Nick. You reach so many fence-sitters that way.


Victor said...

"And the case has generated a sustained group self-righteousness-gasm on the right, one that shows no signs of subsiding."

These conservatives never subside.
They just find something new to have another self-righteousness-gasm!

They've been on the wrong side of history for hundreds of years - I have no doubt that they'd be on King George III's side, if we had the Revolutionary War, regardless of how much they claim to love our US Constitution.

They were on the wrong side of integrating the US Military, the Civil. Human, and Women's Rights movements.

They were wrong on WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and, finally on Afghanistan and Iraq - and the torture and rendition, among other horror's that we did there!

But God Damn It, they stand their ground against a woman's right to choose, and, instead, side with the collection of cells, weeks or months away being a becoming a child.

In their tiny little minds, and empty hearts, the fetus has more rights than the woman carrying it.

And that, they believe, is "God's Will!"

No one takes an abortions lightly - least of all the woman contemplating it.
But, she knows her situation better than a bunch of self righteous and dogmatic uber-"Christian" buttinskies!!!

This POS "doctor" was a symptom of what's wrong about our ever more restrictive abortion laws - and, in no way, reflective of what the right thing to do for a woman who is caught-up in a pregnancy she doesn't want to carry to term, and a child she doesn't want to raise!

That, should be her choice!
And not the choice of some bunch of uber-Christian misogynistic buttinskies and douche-canoe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call me when you conservative uber-"Christian" buttinskies and douche-canoe's care more about the child who was born, than a collection of cells which might, or might not, grow into viable fetus.

bgn said...

Behold the real future of independent American cinema. (Has Richard Brody been told?)

Glennis said...

How Christian of him.