Thursday, March 26, 2015


Shortly after we learned that the co-pilot of a Germanwings aircraft that crashed in the Alps deliberately sought to down the plane, we began getting more information about that co-pilot: he was Andreas Lubitz, a 28-year-old who'd suffered from mood disorders and -- contrary to speculation from Pat Robertson and the right blogosphere -- apparently wasn't a Muslim, much less a jihadist:
A mother of a schoolmate told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that he had told her daughter he had taken a break from his pilot training because he was suffering from depression.

"Apparently he had a burnout, he was in depression," the woman, whom the paper did not name.

She said her daughter had seen him again just before Christmas and that he had appeared normal. She added he was a "lovely boy". "He had a good family background," she told the paper.

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Germanwings parent company, said in a press conference today that Lubitz "took a break in his training six years ago. Then he did the tests (technical and psychological) again. And he was deemed 100 percent fit to fly."

"I am not able to state the reasons why he took the break for several months."

... Lubitz was identified as a German citizen and [prosecutor Brice] Robin said he was not known to terrorism links or extremist links, but the prosecutor said he was expecting more information from the German authorities. Mr Robin added his religion was "unknown".
So how will American right-wingers deal with the fact that they can't blame this on Islam?

I think they'll just blame it something else. I can see a few possibilities:

* Eurosocialism. One commenter at Fox Nation is already making that the scapegoat:

Every right-thinking True Conservative will tell you that the European welfare state is toxic to the human soul and must lead inevitably to the end of civilization as we know it, because, heck, if the American social safety net is indistinguishable from full-blown communism, then the European version is even more Stalinesque, amirite?

* Socialized medicine. It looks as if Lubitz actually took time to try to cope with his depression, and it's quite possible that he got treatment for it (although treatment is sometimes not effective). Nevertheless, expect right-wingers to assume that a massive bureaucratic delay prevented Lubitz from getting help, whether or not that's the case (and whether or not he might have faced worse delays here in America, and might have found treatment inaccessible or unaffordable in what the right considers the pre-Obamacare Golden Age).

* The decline of religion in Europe. The prosecutor says Lubitz's religious affiliation is "unknown." He may not have been a believer, or he might have been a believer but not a churchgoer. In America, lack of belief is considered bizarre and unnatural; in Europe, it's perfectly normal. Expect religious rightists to blame what Lubitz did on Euro-godlessness (either his or the society's) -- because, obviously, without a God there's simply no reason not to kill everybody you can possibly kill, just as, in Phil Robertson's worldview, there's no reason not to tie up a man and then rape and murder his wife and daughters before his eyes if you don't believe in God. (Penn Jillette has the best response to that, by the way.)

So don't worry. American right-wingers will be just fine. They have plenty of scapegoats to choose from.


UPDATE: We Hunted the Mammoth informs us that right-wing blogger and "men's rights" activist Vox Day thinks this crash could have been prevented if women had been more willing to have sex with the co-pilot:
... reactionary fantasy writer Vox Day -- real name, Theodore Beale -- is literally suggesting that it could have been prevented “if the sluts of the world were just a little less picky and a little more equitable in their distribution of blowjobs.”

Here’s his, er, argument, from a post on his Alpha Game blog today....
Why he did it, no one knows yet, but it won’t surprise me to learn that Lubritch [sic] was a deeply angry and embittered Omega male....

Now, obviously no one else was responsible for Lubritch’s actions if it indeed was Omega rage at work. He alone bears the blame. But it is somewhat haunting to think about how many lives might be saved each year if the sluts of the world were just a little less picky and a little more equitable in their distribution of blowjobs.
So he alone deserves the blame -- but somehow his actions are also the fault of unfair blowjob distribution by the “sluts of the world?”
As a 28 year-old airline pilot, Lubritch would likely have been married in a more traditionally structured society. It’s not impossible that the Germanwings deaths represent more of the indirect costs of feminism.
I can't. I just can't.

(Hat tip: nancydrewed.)


Raymond Smith said...

The RW will blame it on anything that they are deathly paranoid about. The list is too humongous for me to make, but you named a few already. Look for many more to come via the RW in the future.

Victor said...

Maybe he had a Christian epiphany, and thought that Satan was in First Class, and decided to see if he could be the one to finally kill him, and save all of mankind!!!

Or, that he thought he had an ISIS leader on board in Coach - saving money for more weapons - and thought it would be worth his life, and the lives of all of the passengers and crew, to kill him!!!

The mind boggles at to how far the Reich-Wing mind will look to fit something into whatever idiotic set of beliefs come closest at that particular time.

Cranky Fan said...

Poor righties. Always the real victims.

Glennis said...

"Distribution of blow-jobs," eh?

Is there an annual supply of them that need to be moved to market? Maybe women are guilty of signing an exclusive contract with certain buyers, or franchisees, to protect the brand? Do BJs come by the case? or the pallet-load?

Never Ben Better said...

Every crank will fit this event into his* own demonology. To be fair, I daresay some conspiracists on the left will work up a theory involving false flags, the CIA, and... well, I'm not crazy enough to pursue that line further, but I'm sure someone will.

*Or her, but "his" seems to be the operative pronoun far more often when it comes to crankery.

Never Ben Better said...

Oh, yeh, I forgot -- watch for the chemtrails angle; there's bound to be at least one crank who'll come up with a theory involving them.

Danp said...

Then again, maybe one of the passengers offered him one and then called him a fag when he politely refused. Either way, there must be a woman behind this.

Roger said...

But the wingnuts ARE claiming the dude was a sekrit Mooslim.

Jim Hoft, for one.

Steve M. said...

Yeah, I just saw that. A guy from a Muslim-bashing political party in Germany is claiming Lubitz was a Muslim. Neither he nor Hoft seems to have any actual evidence.

Sweet Sue said...

Why don't these men's rights activists just give each other blow jobs?
Problem is solved and everybody's happy.