Thursday, March 12, 2015


Nice work, knuckleheads. There's finally a glimmer of acknowledgment in the broader society that something is rotten in governments like Ferguson's, and now you do this:
Two police officers were hit by gunfire early Thursday outside the Ferguson police department.

The shots were fired just after midnight as police were confronting protesters who had gathered outside the police station.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said one officer was with his department and the other was with the Webster Groves department. Both were being treated at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where Belmar spoke, and were in serious condition.

The chief said at least three shots were fired. He described the injuries of both men as "very serious gunshot injuries."

The Webster Groves officer was shot in the face. He is 32 and has been on the force seven years.

The county officer was hit in the shoulder. That officer is 41 and has been on the force for 14 years.

Belmar said no suspects have been identified in the shootings....
Violence: why? Because it's satisfying? Never mind the fact that it leaves the racists in the white culture certain that they're doing the right thing by keeping African-Americans under siege and at second-class status? It's fine to strengthen your enemy as long as your enemy bleeds?


Meanwhile, elsewhere, we see Republican hawks banging the drums for more war, this time with Iran. To me it's the same impulse: more violence is always better. Concern about the possible consequences of violence is for weaklings. Violence is always the solution, and more violence is always better than less.

Cop killers (and their fans) are the superhawks of the social justice movement. They're the neocons. They're the Cheneys and Bill Kristols. They're poisonous in the same way.


Victor said...

GREAT accomplishment, yahoo's!

Now, when the cops and their fans want to beat the shit out of, or shoot some more blacks (of any and all ages and regardless of sex), you've just given the some justifications and possible 'license to kill.'

Stupid, ignorant, and pathetic.

Gandhi and MLK Jr. proved you accomplish more with peaceful means, than with violent ones.

But that's a lesson wasted on the shooter(s).
And don't be surprised when you maniacs are caught, if the police don't exactly treat you non-violently - because of what you just did, they'll feel justified in beating the shit out of you. And that's if, IF, they don't shoot you on sight!!!

Never Ben Better said...

Gawd, I saw that story on this news this morning and my heart sank, I felt sick, all the thoughts our host has so eloquently expressed tumbled and jumbled in my mind.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Victor said...

I've had a few minutes to reflect on this horrible story.

And I've come to the conclusion that we - or, at least I - don't know who the shooter is/shooters are, and don't know what motivated them.

After I cut loose above, and it's too late, I now want to reserve judgment until the police catch the shooter(s).

I'm not saying it's a 'false-flag' operation, where the shooter is a white supremacist - but there is a slight possibility.

Or whether it truly was a black male who was tired of the Ferguson police forces unjust application of the laws.

I'm saying that I now realize I don't have enough information to draw any conclusion.

mccamj said...

Victor - sound thinking

Victor said...

Yeah, every once in a while it happens!
Like a blind squirrel finding an acorn.

Bruce Miller said...

Steve, I love your work. But in this case, I do think it would have been prudent to wait for more facts to make their way into the public record before assuming that the shooting was done by people associated with "the Social Justice Movement." The circumstances certainly suggest that the protest was at least used for cover for the shooting. But if the shooter(s) turn out to be white rightwingers, for instance, the press may well automatically plug in their "lone nut" meme and decide it had nothing at all to do with the protests.