Friday, March 20, 2015


The Daily Caller's Alex Pappas is excited:
Kelli Ward, a physician and state senator in Arizona, says she might challenge Sen. John McCain in the state’s Republican primary next year.

In recent weeks, Ward has been busy meeting with national conservative groups that back challengers to Republican incumbents while trying to determine if she could raise enough money to mount a credible campaign.

In a Thursday interview with The Daily Caller, Ward argued that McCain, who is 78, would be vulnerable in a Republican primary. She suggested she would contrast herself with the longtime senator over his support for comprehensive immigration reform....
An interview follows, in which Ward talks about her differences with McCain on immigration, her ongoing work as a doctor, and the challenges she might face in a primary fight. She comes off as very conservative but not at all crazy.

Left unmentioned are the chemtrails.

From last June:
An Arizona lawmaker plans to entertain so-called "chemtrail" conspiracy theories at a public hearing this week.

State Sen. Kelli Ward (R) told the Havasu News that she's heard from some constituents who were concerned about contrails from airplanes having an effect on both the mercury levels in their bloodstream and on the local weather.

"I have gotten a lot of communications from people who are concerned and there has been a sense that no one has been doing anything for them to address those concerns,” she told the Havasu News. “I can’t do field tests on the water, but I can connect them to the people who do.”

Those who ascribe to the chemtrail conspiracy theory believe the wispy clouds that trail behind flying jets, which are really just frozen water vapor, are chemical agents sprayed deliberately by the government to control the weather or cause health problems in the population.
Also left unmentioned is this:

Yes, Ward was a Bundy fan:
Cliven Bundy supporters didn't pack up and leave town right after the Saturday's roundup came to an end.

Hundreds of protesters made their way back into the main camp site near Bunkerville, where a celebratory rally was held....

Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward spoke at the rally.

Ward said, "We don’t need the government to tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to drink [and] how to drive. We don’t need that. We can do a lot of self-governance."
She eventually distanced herself (a bit) from Bundy's most notorious remark:

Though at roughly the same time she argued that Donald Sterling was mistreated:

Ward also supports the so-called Article V movement, which calls for a constitutional "convention of states" that could pass a balanced budget amendment, as well as amendments to enact other items on the right-wing wish list (such as "the sunset of all existing federal taxes and a super-majority vote to replace them with new, fairer taxes").

Oh, and she recently sponsored legislation in the Arizona legislature to make possession of sawed-off shotguns and nunchuks legal in the state.

In other words, just a typical modern conservative.

Some conservatives have been trying to persuade Congressman Matt Salmon, a seemingly within-the-pale right-winger, to run against McCain, and they fear Ward's challenge will ruin their chances of toppling McCain in the primary. But it's not clear that Salmon even wants to run. So the primary might just be McCain vs. Ward.

Would she win? Who knows? McCain is pretty good at fending off such challenges -- he won a contested primary in 2010 -- although it does mean that he'll tack even further to the right as primary season approaches, as he did in 2010.

And if Ward manages to contest him one-on-one and wins, then wins the general election, we might miss ol' Johnny Mac, because he'll be replaced by someone even crazier. But that's how succession always works among Republicans these days, right?


Rand Careaga said...

Chemtrails? Dear god. This poor lamb should look up some photos from the Battle of Britain. This should prove to his satisfaction that Perfidious Albion was experimenting with chemtrails 75 years ago. If Ward then follows this line of reasoning to its logical destination, he will have the LaRouche voters locked up!

Glennis said...

Well, someone's going to give Sister Sarah a run for her money in the crazy department.

Victor said...

If they're worried about chemtrails, then "people" like this have too much time and money on their hands,