Thursday, March 12, 2015


It's sometimes argued that right-wingers prefer to blame outside forces for the bad acts of people they like (white males in particular), but consider individuals they don't like to be fully responsible for their own misdeeds. Yell a racist chant in a fraternity gathering? It can't be your fault -- you're white, and society poisoned your mind with rap music! And so on.

But right-wingers sometimes blame society when people they hate commit bad acts. Righties do this when the bad acts can be blamed on someone they hate even more.

We're seeing this on Fox in reference to the Ferguson police shooting:
Fox News' "Outnumbered" co-host Andrea Tantaros said on Thursday that Eric Holder is "an attorney general for the criminal" while arguing that the Obama administration is at least partially to blame for the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Mo., early Thursday.

"Eric Holder has proven, time again, he is an attorney general for the criminal, by the criminal, and of the criminals in the United States of America," Tantaros said.
“The Department of Justice has been inflaming this for a long time,” Tantaros [said], arguing that the DOJ intentionally escalated its rhetoric out frustration with its inability to charge Officer Darren Wilson. “Eric Holder has proven time and again that he is an Attorney General of the criminal, by the criminal, and for the criminals...They have taken this country back 50 years in terms of race relations.”

[Kirsten] Powers ... asked how Tantaros could explain officers being shot before the Obama/Holder team came to power.

“You think it was a coincidence that two cops got shot last night?” Tantaros demanded. “You think that it was just a random occurrence? This was inflamed because of what the administration did.”
Yes, even if you're a cold-blooded would-be killer who hates cops, even if you are (in all likelihood) an armed black person murderously angry about racism or an armed white person with a fondness for violent anarchism, Fox will say it's not really your fault that you shot cops -- just because Fox hates Holder and Obama so very, very much.

Isn't that fascinating? Isn't it a surprise that Fox is willing to ignore the notion of personal responsibility in cases like this?

See also the Fox Nation front page right now:

Fox doesn't really care about crime or its victims. Fox cares only about destroying the political enemies of conservatism. Feigning concern about crime is just a means to that end.


Victor said...

Andrea Tantaros is an angry and vicious she-Pit-bull, whose puss always looks like she sucked on a rotten lemon before she attacks a liberals leg-bone.

It must be tiresome to hate all of the people who disagree with her narrow and ignorant point of view!

I'm sure that's why she works out.
To keep-up her stamina.
Hate, as opposed to love, can be exhausting!

Philo Vaihinger said...

Sad truth is the left has been pouring gasoline on the fire since the first day. This is their fault, Holder's fault, Rev Al's fault, Obama's fault, but (last but not least) mostly the fault of the actual killers.

Never Ben Better said...

Oh, sure, Philo; those darkies would have gone happily about their cotton-pickin' on the Ferguson plantation if only those damned outside agitators hadn't riled them up. That about it?

Philo Vaihinger said...

NBB: Blah, blah, blah.

Steve M. said...

That's certainly a thoughtful, meticulously argued response, Philo.

Never Ben Better said...

Well, Steve, he pretty much has to use "blah" instead of the word he's really thinking of.

I don't make such allusions lightly, by the way; I base it on his history of commentary, here and at Booman's.