Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Tweet from Matt Drudge:

The link goes to a Breitbart story in which Ted Cruz is quoted as saying that he won't hold up the Senate vote on the budget deal. The comments mostly fall into two categories. One set of Breitbartniks think Cruz is a great patriot who was stabbed in the back:
Cruz stuck by his promises, that doesn't sound like a loser to me.


He isn't finished yet. Cruz 2016


Cruz loses? The United States of America lost. Statesmen get it. Politicians don't.


The welfare people are a parasite on the nation. They feed of others because their too fat, lazy and stupid to do anything else. Cruz/Paul 2016.


According to the LAW, last time Cruz HAD A CHANCE, and 23 Rep turned against him. This time because he has no LEGAL chance of winning so will not waste America' time. Cruz for President!


Cruz is speaking for a VERY LARGE majority of AMERICANS so to attack him is to attack the AMERICAN people!!!! No it wasn't Cruz who was the AMERICAN people who have lost again because of greed, incompetence, and the dumdumcants refusal to live under the same laws (obozocare) they enforce on everyone else!!!!


Whatever, his own party won't back him, what can he do.
At least he let us know who all the cowards are


Cruz woke up Americans and believe me, we won't forget it.


If it wasn't for Cruz & Lee this discussion would not be happening.
I see some are saying it is over, they lost.
In any strategy there is an opening move.
The fighting has just begun.
Another group thinks he wasn't crazy enough:
Senator Cruz, what happen to your backbone. The American people don't like Obamacare and the GOP caves in to the liberals once again. Remember the voters will speak loud and clear in 2014. We want leaders that listen to us and don't cave in.


Cruz is just another squish rino it appears.


IF CRUZ really believed what he was saying all along about Obamacare being the death knell for this country, he would have BLOCKED this. He is obviously a RINO who swindled and hoodwinked the rest of the Tea Party. And as another person mentioned, his WIFE works for Goldman Sachs. I'm certain that helped sway his UNPRINCIPLED OPINION.


Everyone knows Cruz is all bluster and no actual accomplishment. He is a zero. An asterisk in the history books at best.
That's the range of opinion in the GOP voter base: from far right to even further right. No acknowledgment that this was an insane thing to do to the country, or that Republicans have to compromise with Democrats in order for representative government to function.

This is what right-wing rabble-rousing has done to democracy. Weep for your country, sane Americans.


Monty said...

I doubt I'm alone in thinking this, but please: after decades of shoveling insane horseshit down these cocksuckers throats, what other outcome was possible?

You are what you eat.

Thank you Messrs Limbaugh and Ailes.

White Hat said...

Today the Houston Chronicle announced its opposition to insanity.

And so the purge begins.

Boehner's stage production - designed to expose the Tea Party - comes to a close now. His political drama returns party power to "Responsible" Republicans.

Manipulate public opinion, get what you want. That's politics.

Boehner has prevented, obstructed or obscured more of the majority party's agenda than any minority leader in history, so ask yourself: is it conceivable that a power like that could be pushed around by a minority in his own party?

Watch "staunch Republicans" like the Houston Chron formally return their allegiance to the Big Money GOP of Boehner/McConnell/Priebus/McCain.

Watch "savvy" TPers slither toward other power bases. Cruz announces he has "Christian" concerns, but won't oppose the Big Boys. He's going Christian. They're not the winners, but they will be survivors.

The FOUNDER of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus (Bachmann) suddenly finds it necessary to speak in tongues on a Christian radio station. If she avoids jail time over her campaign felonies, she can at least hope for some donation money.

Recently Rand Paul deemed fiscal default theoretically OK, but suddenly this week it's bad. You know, sort of in general terms, kinda. Maybe he can still attach himself to the money guys, sorta.

Grover Nordquist, a seminal influence on the Tea Party, suddenly announces he's for sensible fiscal policy.

Grover Nordquist, Mr. "Drown the Government in a Bathtub" is suddenly responsible and rational. Hey. What's going on?

Big Money Republicans reassert control. That's what's going on.

Terrify the entire world, get what you want. The GOP thinks that's just politics.

Over 6 years, John Boehner has proven he is brilliant and ruthless. A guided missile, aimed and fired by

Whoever owns Boehner.

A little help here. Let's do the work to figure that out. It's important.

Lawrence said...

I have not yet read that the Orange One has brought the Senate bill for a vote, so it's not over yet. But, the comment calling Cruz a 'squish rino' made me go in search of this:
The new 'moderate' republican party (which we are not going to see) should use the rhinoceros for a mascot. The Tea party faction could use a middle finger, jesus with an ar15, a klan hood. Maybe a bunch of their favorite things like one of those Coexist bumper stickers.

Victor said...

Manichean minds, in typical extremist Manichean mode:

Obama = Dictator!
Like Lenin/Hitler/Stalin/Mao - & a mewling pussy, who can't stand up to any foreign leader!

Now, it's Ted Cruz-ader's turn:

Cruz = Hero!
Like Washington/Adams/Jefferson - & RINO mewling pussy, who signed a pact with those devils - Obama and his pals, Boehner and McConnell.

Nuckin' futs, are these people, Luke!
And, by Luke, I don't mean the stupid brainless spawn of Tim Russert - PUKE!

White Hat said...

Oct. 1 8am, the ACA goes live.

Oct. 1 10am, the Republican Speaker of the House permits a minority of his own party to threaten World Apocalypse.

Two weeks later, that GOP minority looks like stupid, evil assholes. The few semi-competent politicians among them dive for cover. Rand and Nordquist go Big Money Republican. Cruz and Bachmann go Christian. The WSJ and Houston Chron go Big Money.

Boehner's program has worked. No more Tea Party threat. Best of all, even the Libtards think this is all some big mistake, not intentional. They probably want to give Boehner therapy for his dependencies.

Hey Libbies, you actually believe Boehner couldn't help it, right?

If so, the only mistake made throughout this entire political drama was yours. Boehner has been the most effective opposition House Speaker in history. This event of his eliminated his party's Far Right opposition, so his party can spend a greater percentage of its money opposing you.

Please ignore the stupidity of the right and focus on its internal logic. The stupidity has never been more than a smokescreen.


Dennis said...
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Knight of Nothing said...

@White Hat: I'm sorry, but your theory isn't supported by evidence. Boehner meekly made common cause with the Tea Party caucus after hammering out a deal with Reid over the summer. And in spite of this latest failure, they are rallying to his defense. You're desperate to see 11-D chess when he's simply playing a game of checkers badly. Meanwhile, as Steve demonstrates, the right is still divided into far right and even further right, as always.

And two of WaPo's top three "winners" in this? Chris Christie and Ted Cruz.

Victor said...

You continue to be a source of endless mirth around here.

And we Liberals really do to hate it when we laugh at things like that, or mentally and emotionally challenged people - but you give us no choice to but to ROTLOA's off, and not feel the least bit of guilt about it!
You're like the ONLY person we Liberal's have ever met, who we feels deserves a beating!

You keep thinking you're going to be Rudy, the hero, coming off the bench of non-players, at NMMNB!

Keep trying, "MORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

You're not smart or capable enough, of handing out water.

Many of us have little else to laugh at - though, sadly, NOT WITH!!!
Which is what we'd prefer.

But, keep it up!

White Hat said...


For six years Boehner has fought progressives to a standstill. We're still under sequester. We're still "fighting terror." We're still cleaning up after GW. No one is even talking about Mitt Romney's tax rate today, or financial services reform, or climate change.

Boehner may "look" stupid, but he is damn good at his job. Ruthless and soulless, but stupid? How could you possibly think that? Because his policies "don't make sense" to you? Because all your friends say so?

Ahem. Manipulating public opinion is what politicians do for a living. Boehner is Head Shark, elected by fellow sharks. The best money can buy. And the little political thrilla he just ran for public consumption completely re-wrote the power structure within his party - without costing a dime of GOP campaign funds.

Don't judge Boehner by his skin color. Check his results.

Ten Bears said...

I keep telling these scrotum sucking white dogs that a shower isn't enough. If you eat shit you will smell like shit.

What is that annoying buzz?

No fear.

Knight of Nothing said...

@White Hat: "...stupid? How could you possibly think that?" I don't, and I never said it. Re-read my post.

We know now that 144 House Republicans voted to continue the shutdown and to go into default. 144! There are 87 "moderate" Republicans who voted "yes." So what do you think more likely to happen next year: that the 144 will face primary challenges from the center, or that the 87 will face primary challenges from the right? Hint: don't bet on the rise of the center.

Boehner is still trying to ride the tiger. He certainly hasn't tamed it.