Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Oh: More Like This Please. (From Esquire)

This actually jumps off the same Roll Call story I linked to earlier this morning.  I am hoping we are seeing the birth of a Democratic Party which goes on the offense, rather than plays defense.  The right thing to do with all of these showdowns is always to throw everything back on the table and actually demand more from the other side.  Not only that but every time the Republicans send back a dirty CR the Senate should send one back with an added month or two.  Two can play at the "here's my negotiating stance--I'll take a yard this time" game.  
I also spoke to a leading Democratic congresscritter over the weekend who told me that, very soon, the Democrats in the Senate will start going through the sequester line-by-line, demanding public votes on funding things like medical research and environmental protections, and sticking Republicans with a choice of being for or against curing, say, Alzheimer's Disease or cancer. As someone who thought the sequester not merely stupid but Beltway stupid, I applaud this decision as well. Forcing people into uncomfortable votes works both ways. Making John Boehner cry should be a bipartisan affair.
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Victor said...

And when the Democrats are done kicking their asses, they ought to get in a couple of hard kicks in their nuts - with pointed shoes!!!

Examinator said...

In my dad's days the boots had protruding (safety?)razor blades inserted between the uppers and the sole so when you were kicked you were really mashed, slashed and diced.
And he had the scars to prove it. Nails welded on bike chains, studded belts were sharpened and they always carried a roll of washers ( like a roll of dimes)or an over filled box of matches, to hold in their clenched fists. This, increased the punching force exponentially... "who could afford brass 'nucks'?"

He then used to tell me that this was for just family spats. When they went into the street they got serious.

Then again he used to tell me how he didn't shave in those days ... just used a hammer to bash the hairs through to the inside of his mouth so in a fight he could bite them off and spit then in the eyes of the other gang members to blind them.

As he said "they were real tuff in them days."

PS he was 16.5 when he joined up for WW2, 17 when he hit Singapore and eventually survived the infamous Burma Railway, physically anyway.

He really *WAS* really indomitably physically tough and "a proud Son of the South".

Me as a US style "liberal", partially disabled, adopted and mixed blood.... well you can imagine. I might have been a halfbreed librull(HBL) disappointment (one of them that thinks too much ta know tha truth) but I was HIS HBL disappointment et al.

Examinator said...
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