Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If they can't fix the technical problems of voter ID, shouldn't it be defunded? Shouldn't the legislature shut down the government, if necessary, to make sure that happens? At the very least, shouldn't implementation be suspended and all mandates and penalties be delayed?
A Texas district judge who has been voting for the past five decades was almost barred from the polls Tuesday, thanks to the state's newly implemented, stricter voter ID law. The law kicked in on Tuesday as early voting in Texas' November 5 election began.

As she told local channel Kiii News, 117th District Court Judge Sandra Watts was flagged for possible voter fraud because her driver's license lists her maiden name as her middle name, while her voter registration form has her real middle name. This was the first time she has ever had a problem voting in 49 years. "What I have used for voter registration and for identification for the last 52 years was not sufficient yesterday when I went to vote," she said.

Watts worried that women who use maiden names or hyphenated names may be surprised at the polls. "I don't think most women know that this is going to create a problem," the judge said. "That their maiden name is on their driver's license, which was mandated in 1964 when I got married, and this. And so why would I want to use a provisional ballot when I've been voting regular ballot for the last 49 years?" ...
Where's the "tech surge" to fix this problem?

Why isn't anyone being fired for not being aware of it?

What didn't Governor Rick Perry know and when didn't he know it?


marieburns said...

Oh, don't be so sarcastic. This is a perfect law. Up till now, we thought it discriminated only against minorities, the poor & college students. Now we find out it discriminates against women, too. That's pretty much every group that leans Democratic.

But go ahead, defund the voter ID laws. The best thing to do is to revert to "first principles" & allow only propertied, white men to vote.

It looks as if the real fraud these laws are targeting is all that emancipating and franchising that's been going on since the days of our beloved Founders. Minorities, the poor, young people & women have corrupted the system envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Victor said...

Maybe she can bring her husband to vouch for her - and fill-out her ballot.

And for the young women, their Daddies can vouch for them - and fill-out their ballots.

The law is working perfectly - why tinker with success?

AuggieEast said...

This is no unforeseen problem! The entire purpose of this part of the law is to keep women from voting. Why? Because women are part of the Democratic base.