Sunday, October 27, 2013


Yeah, it's nutpicking, but I thought I'd share this response from a Free Republic commenter to the death of Lou Reed:
The ObamaCare Death Panels in New York wouldn’t give him a liver transplant so he got it done in Ohio instead. Typical liberal hypocrisy. Death Panels for thee but not for me.
I'm not quite sure how "ObamaCare Death Panels" could kill Reed given that (a) Reed was old enough for Medicare, (b) Obamacare hasn't been fully implemented, and (c) Ohio, like New York, is part of the United States, and Obamacare is federal law, but whatever. Here's what a June news story said:
[Reed's wife, Laurie Anderson,] said that Reed had the surgery in Cleveland instead of New York, where they live, "because the hospitals here are completely dysfunctional.

"Fortunately we can outsource like corporations. It's medical tourism. The Cleveland Clinic is massive. They have the best results for heart, liver and kidney transplants. Whenever I get discouraged about how stupid technology is and how greedy and stupid Americans are, I go to the Cleveland Clinic because the people there are genuinely very kind and very smart."
A story on the AARP's blog added:
The Cleveland Clinic, unlike some other facilities, also has no age limit on transplant patients, according to the New York Times.
That post cites this Times article, which notes that a lot of medical facilities limit transplants (of all kinds) to the elderly, though the Cleveland Clinic doesn't. This has nothing to do with Obamacare. And AARP points out that Medicare continues to pay for organ transplants.

But let's see if "Obama killed Lou" (or at least "liberalism killed Lou") becomes right-wing conventional wisdom.


Victor said...


And I guarantee you that almost NO Conservatives were fans of either his work with The Velvet Underground, or his solo work.

Too decadent!

I have all of the Underground albums.
And, Reed's "Berlin," is one of my favorite "dark" or "decadent," albums of ALL time!!!

RIP, Lou.
What a great life you lived!!!!!

Mustang Bobby said...

With the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination coming up, I'm waiting for them to produce film of Barack Obama on the grassy knoll.

Knight of Nothing said...

Yeesh. No imagined slight or issue or anomaly is too small or obscure or inconsequential that it can't be used as grist for the wingnut mill.

RIP, Lou.

M. Bouffant said...

Cheeses on a cracker, about five mins. before I wandered here I made this lame comment at TBogg's:
MBouffant • 40 minutes ago − Thank goodness for death panels. Now perfectly good livers won't be wasted on old people who only use them for a yr.
Then I come here & see I wasn't joking.

Mockery has become almost impossible.

Full credit given, of course.

Roger said...

Freepers never use their heads
Even though they're fucked in the head
She say, "Hey, JimRob
Take a roll on wild side"