Thursday, October 03, 2013

It’s time to work on shutting down Speaker John Boehner. (Oh Boo Hoo!)

It’s pretty clear that Tea Party Congressmen or not, a single human being can stop the impending collapse of the United States, its credit, and its economy.

That man is House Speaker (Republican) John Boehner, who singlehandedly is preventing an up-or-down vote on the so-called CR, or continuing resolution that would let the government keep operating.

Fortunately, if he can feel more threatened by Democrats than by the Tea Party wing of his own party, the future of America has a shot at survival.

At first glance, taking down Boehner doesn’t look easy. Boehner comes from the outrageously gerrymandered 8th Ohio Congressional District, a Republican stronghold (and evidently a Tea Party stronghold as well.)

On the map, the 8th looks like the letter H lying on its side, with one of its legs sawed off and the other leg so busted it appears to be suffering from series of compound fractures, as if some thug from a loan sharking operation did a job on it with a sledge hammer. 

The district includes a few Republican suburbs of Cincinnati, and rural “We’re-Republican-‘cause-we’ve-always-been-Republican” bastions of small thinking such as Troy (where I once worked as an off-the-books newspaper reporter on the Troy Daily News,) Tipp City, Piqua, Middletown, and others – not to mention a tract of turf owned by the Darke County Fish and Game Club.

In other words it’s your basic Fox News-watching, beer-drinking, I-know-what-I-think- and-I-don’t-need-to-know-why Middle America.

They can be swayed into hating Boehner. It’s not cheap, but they can be swayed.

Somebody needs to finance the most expensive anti-incumbant advertising campaign ever launched against a congressman. It should begin immediately, while Boehner is still tying up Congress. In addition to running early, the advertising should run often. Very often.

All spots might begin with Boehner in tears (there’s got to be hours of tear-soaked Boehner video around.)  Typically a voice over announcer might say: 
John Boehner weeps crocodile tears about everything except the permanent and devastating damage he’s doing to The United States, our economy, and our citizen. It’s John Boehner alone who’s interference with the work of Congress, who threatens the continuation of your Social Security checks, who threatens to cut off your Medicare, who has closed government offices, national parks, food safety inspection, and imperiled the job of every hard-working American.

If a foreign terrorist tried to bring down America, its economy and its people, we’d rightfully arrest him and pack him off to Guantanamo.

Well, John Boehner is trying to bring down America, its economy, and it’s people. What do you think should happen to him?

Tell John Boehner to resign his office and go back to tending bar before you lose your job, your security, your health and before America loses its future.
Boehner can be stopped – and can serve as an object lesson to other right wing crazies – if he feels more threatened by the next election than he does by his Tea Party co-saboteurs.

Billionaires and millionaires of the left, open your wallets.


Victor said...

John Boehner, will go down as our first Eunuch Speaker.


If you want to kick him in his balls, take aim at Cruz's crotch, or pockets.

The New York Crank said...

No Victor, I'm not interested in kicking him in the balls. I'm interested in making him fear that if he bends toward his party's own right wing, he's gonna break, so he'll stop blocking budget legislation that would get through Congress thanks to a few PO'd Republicans in Congress plus most of the Democrats..

BTW, please forgive the typos and misspellings in this piece. ("Incumbant" instead of incumbent is one example.) Once I post here, I seem to lack the mechanism to correct my stuff.

Very crankily yours,
The New York Crank

Examinator said...

The New York Crank,

Metaphorically speaking I'm sort of with Victor. Boehner is the Symptom not the disease. So the US won't have a head ache (CR) any more ....but the Brain cancer ( the poverty etc. fed support for the opportunists... Civil War 2 the sequel) is still there.

What if Boehner goes and who ever follows has, like Cruz, Republican Nomination ambitions. He/she or what ever species follows him might be worse.

As an ex Journo you must be aware of the 'background effect' (excite the emotions often enough and it loses its proportionality and becomes an entrenched Belief... urban truth.).
In that piece I posted to your site it also demonstrated this disconnect between facts and the belief....misreading of cause and effect. In this case The background effect is the the media sensationalisations and those who stand to gain vna their lobby groups NRA

At the very base is simply human greed for power (over active survival instincts. part genetic part 'cultural' conditioning.

Danp said...

I'd like the text to include, "Ever wonder why your congressional district looks like a dog with John Boehner's homework in its mouth? Why is this guy at the head of the class?"

Knight of Nothing said...

I feel like his district looks more like a MAC-10 pointed up than a letter H.

the RaptorMage said...

Nit pick: I don't consider the 8th "outrageously gerrymandered". It consists almost entirely of whole counties, and every bordering district is majority-Republican anyway. And yeah, it's a right-angle around Dayton, but there's nothing uncommon in that. It's fundamentally just two 'legs', not some enclave-trapping spiral. There are a hundred districts with a more awkward shape than this, some even in Ohio (look at Akron!).

Ten Bears said...

Boner and the scrotum sucking Retards have committed acts of High Treason... a hanging offense.

No fear.

White Hat said...

Boehner is a ruthless sleazebag, but a campaign to make him look weak and foolish would be off the mark. He's not a fool, and not a wimp.

The current Washington standoff is Boehner solving his Tea Party problem. When the popularity of the TP Caucus sinks low enough, he'll step in and end the shutdown. Voila, the GOP mainstream has no more TP worries. If he and his pals spin it right, he might even come out of this looking like a reluctant hero.

The cruel ruthlessness and cynicism of Boehner's shutdown game is all too real. THAT is where he's vulnerable. But as soon as he flushes the TP, he won't look like a crybaby. That message won't carry, no matter how much money pushes it.