Thursday, October 31, 2013


Bush's Brain co-author Wayne Slater shares a link:

The story -- posted at and reproduced from Alex Jones's Infowars -- is this:
United Nations To Take Over The Alamo

UN flag may fly above shrine of liberty if designated as a World Heritage Site

San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro is currently negotiating with the United Nations to designate the Alamo as a UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, meaning that a blue UN flag may fly above the historic shrine of liberty once it falls under UN control.

UNESCO, a specialized agency within the UN, created the World Heritage Site status out of a 1972 international agreement, which calls for nations to join together to manage historical sites through "collective assistance."
Yes, it's all about collectivism:
... During the battle, at least 189 Alamo defenders sacrificed their lives for liberty instead of surrendering to the tyrannical Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The Alamo emerged from the battle as a sacred shrine for individual freedom in the face of collective evil.

Now the shrine is besieged by the collective UN, whose policies follow Santa Ana’s dictatorial rule rather than the values the Alamo defenders died for....
Yup -- not only is the UN a bunch of big commies, but so was Santa Anna! He wore a Che shirt! (OK, I made that part up.)

How exactly would UN management affect the Alamo?
In 2002, the UNESCO World Heritage Center published a manual entitled "Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites," which outlines UN obligations that the historic site managers are expected to follow.

The manual states that it is "the duty of the international community as a whole to cooperate" in managing World Heritage Sites, meaning that bureaucrats from China or France could oversee and influence the Alamo’s operation.

One of the "protection obligations" of a World Heritage Site is the requirement to "use the World Heritage logo," meaning that the Alamo Plaza would be adorned with UN symbols.

A UN flag may even be hoisted above the Alamo, which is typical at World Heritage Sites such as theCahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Illinois....
Yes, look at that massive UN flag, which dominates the entire 2,200-acre site! (Follow the purple arrow.)

And do I need to tell you that Agenda 21 is an issue here?
Some may say that if the Alamo is designated a World Heritage Site, which is expected by 2015, the UN wouldn't necessarily control it because the Alamo would "remain" under sovereign jurisdiction.

Yet as we constantly see with Agenda 21, local city governments adopt policies "recommended" by the UN as if they were law....
By the way, do you want to know what other U.S. sites are UN World Heritage Sites? I'll give you a partial list: The Statue of Liberty. The Grand Canyon. Yellowstone. Yosemite. Anyone remember when all of these sites were taken over by jackbooted thugs in blue helmets, who marched in and declared, "We spit on your U.S. sovereignty"? Yeah, I don't remember that either.

If these people spent all their waking hours hitting themselves on the head with hammers, they couldn't make themselves stupider than they do with this delusional nonsense they spread.


Victor said...

The UN?

Perhaps they misunderstand the old line about "getting hammered?"

And, instead of drinking themselves into a coma, they hammer their noggins until reaching that state.

I think what they're most afraid of, is that either the UN doesn't want any guns in places like that, or, that's where the confiscation of guns will start.

Then, they'll come for their God and golf!

"Jabberwocky" made far more sense than what comes from our Reich-Wingers, nowadays!!!

Anonymous said...

What makes this even more hilarious is that the military, military service, military sacrifice, is the most collective action a human can take.

I was in the military, the armed services are one giant collectivist and socialist organization. It's all about sacrifice for those around you, your brothers in arms, what's best for the service. There's no room at all for individualism or libertarian chicanery.

There's nothing more collectivist than people joining together to sacrifice their lives together.

For people who are so obssessed with the honor of armed combat they sure know fuck all about what it actually entails.

Victor said...

As our chickenhawks have proven, there are no greater patriots, and no greater supporters of war, than those who have never fought.

Glennis said...

local city governments adopt policies "recommended" by the UN as if they were law....

like installing bike paths. The horror!

Anonymous said...


Oh I'm aware, it's one of the reasons I don't take peoples opinions on combat or the military seriously if they never put on a uniform. I know that's unfair, but usually people prattling on about it know nothing of it.

It just makes my head hurt that a monument celebrating collective military action involving the ultimate collective gesture (dieing for other people) are throwing a hissy fit over... collectivism.

They missed the entire point of what the damn monument represents. All monuments to armed combat or people in uniform are monuments to collective action, because that's what combat is!

Victor said...

I was fortunate enough to miss the draft for the Vietnam War by a year or two, and never served, so I'll take your word for it on the military.
It's as I expected, since I heard that, and am not a TOTAL feckin' eedjit - at least not in regards to this matter. :-)

I'm not one of those people who read a history of a war at a Holiday Inn the night before, and now think I'm Ike or Patton.

Never Ben Better said...

Victor, Geese, you guys should get acquainted (if you're not already) with Jim Wright (Chief Warrant Officer, USN, retired) over at Stonekettle Station. He's got some magnificent diatribes up at his blog right now. You especially, Geese, I think would enjoy what he does on gun, military and intelligence topics.

His latest takes on Ted Cruz, the Million Vets March to the WWII memorial, the Koch brothers, and -- well, go check it out.

And just keep working your way on down -- you'll thank me for it.