Sunday, October 20, 2013


Edward Klein has made a career of attacking Democrats in scurrilous, credulity-straining books and articles -- but every time he publishes something new, people take him seriously. Today, in the New York Post, he has a gossipy new "revelation" -- anonymously sourced, of course, like nearly everything he writes:
As the White House was gearing up to sell ObamaCare to the American people last summer, Valerie Jarrett, the president's pointwoman on a host of issues, phoned Oprah Winfrey.

She invited the Queen of All Media to join celebrities, including Amy Poehler, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, to meet with President Obama and discuss how they could generate publicity for his health-care law.

Oprah refused....

Instead, Oprah sent a low-level rep from one of her talent agencies, which was regarded as a insult....

Oprah's friends publicly dismiss the idea that she had a falling out with Obama. They note that she phoned Michelle Obama right after the 2012 election to congratulate her. They say Michelle invited her to have dinner with the first family. But the dinner never took place, and Oprah continues to be frozen out....
Oh, yes -- Oprah is so "frozen out" by the White House that last August, a couple of weeks after this meeting, it was announced that she's receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom this year. And if sending a representative to the Obamacare meeting rather than personally attending is such an insult, then I guess Alicia Keys and Jon Bon Jovi, who also sent representatives, also intended to insult the White House.

The meeting took place on Monday, July 22. Hey, maybe Oprah didn't want to go to the meeting jet-lagged -- after all, she'd attended Tina Turner's wedding in Switzerland the day before.

And if Oprah did snub the Obamas, so freaking what? She's Oprah. She's not some head of state.

Let me remind you that this is the same Edward Klein whose 2005 biography of Hillary Clinton claimed that Chelsea Clinton was conceived during a rape of Hillary Clinton by her husband. Even right-wingers despised it. John Podhoretz:
This is one of the most sordid volumes I've ever waded through. Thirty pages into it, I wanted to take a shower. Sixty pages into it, I wanted to be decontaminated. And 200 pages into it, I wanted someone to drive stakes through my eyes so I wouldn't have to suffer through another word.
Joe Queenan:
... it is a very bad book ... it relies too much on nasty personal comments about Senator Clinton provided by anonymous sources ... it sleazily intimates that Hillary Clinton is a lying, scheming, smelly, left-leaning lesbian and a non-maternal parent who consorts with lawyers who defend mobbed-up unions and bears a striking character resemblance to both Richard Nixon and Madonna, and who tacitly approved of her husband's rape of a young woman at a time when Mrs. Clinton may or may not have been bathing, washing her hair or shaving her underarms, while hanging out with short-haired women from the sapphic charnel house Wellesley College.
Klein coauthored a 2010 book called The Obama Identity: A Novel (Or Is It?), in which a CIA agent named Theodore J. "Higgy" Higginbothem III goes in search of the truth about Barack Obama.
Higgy and his crack operatives discover startling secrets about the 44th president of the United States-a man some call "The Chosen One" and others refer to as "an Obamanation." Among the many startling revelations in THE OBAMA IDENTITY: * What Obama's Kenyan grandmother says about his birthplace * How a Muslim imam taught young Obama to apologize for America and bow to foreigners * How the Reverend Jeremiah Wright taught Obama to use the TelePromTer * What happened to the videotapes showing Obama high-fiving the Reverend Wright after one of his anti-American sermons * How financier George Soros brought about the collapse of the American economy to help elect Obama * Why Obama blames everything on George W. Bush except Katie Couric's dismal ratings * How the Russians blackmailed Obama into canceling America's anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe * Who came up with the idea of carving Obama's face on Mount Rushmore right next to Abe Lincoln's?
Klein claimed Bill Clinton denounced Obama as an "amateur" and wanted Hillary to run against Obama in 2012, then wanted Hillary to accept the VP slot from Obama if offered (allegedly the White House was planning to ask Hillary and Joe Biden to switch jobs). All this, of course, based on anonymous sources.

Forgive me if I assume that every word Klein writes about a Democrat is a lie, including "and" and "the."


And while we're on the subject of the New York Post, get a load of today's front page, if you haven't seen it already:

Seriously? The folks at the Post are so deeply embedded in their own bubble that they think readers will see the government fining JPMorgan Chase $13 billion for its role in the financial meltdown and feel sorry for JPMorgan Chase?


Victor said...

Anything that angers the rubes, can and will be published.

And Murdoch and Ailes, at the odious Post, are trying to see if they can change the anti-bank dynamic.

Hey, it's not like the public never gets behind criminals!
James, Jesse.
Dillinger, John.
Floyd, "Pretty Boy."
Barker, "Ma."

Their problem is going to be, in one way or another, the people listed above had some form of charisma.
Jamie Dimon?
Uhm... Not so much.
He's a balding old bean-counter.

Maybe he needs a nickname.
How about Jamie "Blood" Dimon?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Working Class white conseravtives scrapping by on $25k are the same as JP Morgan Chase! This *must* be what the NY Post is banking on.

Banksters can always rely on the Media to give them a Tongue bath... Maria Bartiromo did so on Meet the Press.

Roger said...

Dick Johnson's got a new column?