Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A horrified FoxNews.com today:
NPR analyst Cokie Roberts claimed on air that Mitt Romney's stop in Poland was meant to excite "ethnic white voters."

... Roberts, also an analyst with ABC News, inferred that the visit is essentially a bid to attract former Reagan Democrats, especially "descendants" of Polish people.

...Romney's visit has been typically portrayed as having more context to it than a bid for Polish-American support....
FoxNews.com ten days ago (emphasis added):
[Romney will] likely receive a warm welcome. Poles have never showed the enthusiasm for Obama that Germans and other Western Europeans did, and his popularity there has declined further during his years in office. But for Romney, the critical audience for his Poland trip is likely the many U.S. citizens with Polish ancestry who live in critical swing states across the American Midwest.
Why does Fox News hate white people, according to Fox News?

(Today's Fox story channels this outraged story from Breitbart.com.)

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