Friday, July 13, 2012


Here's a gloss on Mitt Romney's NAACP speech by right-wing hack Mona Charen, as heard this afternoon on NPR. Yes, she used the word "beautiful" three times:
I thought it was a beautiful representation of exactly what a politician should do. He was incredibly respectful and polite toward an audience that he knew didn't agree with him, he presented his views in an open and non-pandering way, and I thought it was a beautiful example of being forthright and polite and reaching out to those you disagree with and saying, "Look, I actually believe differently from you, but that doesn't make me your enemy. We just need to have a discussion." And he talked about the importance of family, he talked about inner-city schools, education, all the things he thinks matter to the African-American community, and it was a beautiful thing.
I think these people would beg to differ:


UPDATE: Well, this is odd: as noted by Mollie in comments, the audio that's now at the NPR link is not what was originally posted at the link -- apparently Charen and E.J. Dionne did a second version of their conversation (for West Coast broadcasts?) and that was substituted. But I heard what I heard, and so did Mollie. I heard it on the radio, and I stand by my transcript.


Victor said...

With this kind of sycophantic 'love letter on the broadband,' she needs to change her name to Mona Lot.

"Why da Massa don' nevah beat no slaves - he jess gives 'em love straps wid his bullship! Ah gotta few love marks mahself - 'cuz if'n ya ain't got none, den you ain't loved by da Massa. Ah wares mahn wid PRIDE!"

And Liberal friends of mine ask me why I don't listen to NPR anymore?

Mollie said...

I didn't know Mona Charen before I heard this yesterday, but she sure made me appreciate David Brooks. At least he understands the difference between "analysis" and outright partisan spin. I was so astonished that this morning I went to the NPR site (at the link you posted) to verify that I wasn't imagining the whole thing. And it seems like NPR wants me to think maybe I was? What's posted there is not at all what I heard last night. And despite the description, there's no mention at all of the NAACP conference. Did you copy-and-paste from their transcript? If so they've changed it completely without any notice.

Steve M. said...

Charen and E.J. Dionne must have done a second version of the conversation, probably for West Coast broadcasts. That's what's up on the site now, but it's not what was up there when I was posting.

I heard the same thing you did on the radio, Mollie. I transcribed it from the online audio. I guess that version has now gone down the memory hole.

Mustang Bobby said...

I heard the East Coast version -- the one you transcribed, Steve -- while driving and almost caused an accident on US 1 in Miami from the sugar rush.

BH said...

I heard the one you heard too, Steve. Or about 10 second's worth, enough to become nauseated by hearing this Charen say "beautiful" gushingly, twice.

Unknown said...

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