Friday, July 06, 2012


From Drudge:

The health clinic the Bushes visited in Zambia over the Fourth of July? It wasn't just a health clinic -- it was a women's health clinic:
President Bush was in Africa to promote cervical cancer detection and treatment programs for Zambian women, many of whom are living with HIV....

The former president has raised more than $85 million for cervical cancer programs, through his George W. Bush Center and other partner organizations....
Imagine if President Obama had done that? With Michelle? On the Fourth of July? In Africa? The right-wingers would still be howling.

Oh, sure -- Bush is an ex-president, so it's different. But if he'd done this on a Fourth of July while he was in office, there still wouldn't have been a peep of protest. And if Obama does it on a Fourth of July after he leaves office, I bet there'll be grumblers saying, "See? He always had contempt for America."


Victor said...

I wonder what was on W's hands that he had to wipe off on the poor kid?

All kidding aside, that's the first photo I've ever seen of him where I feel something besides disgust and anger at the man.

He actually seems human - even, dare I say it? - compassionate.

Forgive me.

Steve M. said...

Well, he once hugged the daughter of a 9/11 victim -- wearing what looks to be the same shirt -- then turned the hug into a 2004 reelection ad.

My point being that he expresses compassion, but he also makes sure to derive benefit from expressions of compassion that take place in the presence of cameras.

(And I bet his photographer picked his shirt for the Africa photo, based on how well a similar-looking shirt worked in '04.)

Victor said...

Steve slaps the gullible idiot's face - Victor says, "Thanks - I needed that!"

merlallen said...

i was picturing bush running for a shower