Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A lot is being made of the new Washington Post/ABC poll, which shows that Mitt Romney is in a dead heat with Barack Obama. But let's go back to the last time a Massachusetts pol ran for president against a controversial incumbent. What were the Bush/Kerry polls like in July 2004?

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We remember how that one turned out.

Oh, and the previous Massachusetts presidential nominee, Michael Dukakis, had a 6-point lead over incumbent-by-proxy George H.W. Bush in a Gallup poll taken at this time in 1988 -- and then had a 17-point lead in a poll taken in late July. (We remember how that turned out.)

Make of all this what you will. We are talking, however, about three guys who not only came from Massachusetts but shared a lack of charisma. They all looked better on paper than on the campaign trail. And the first two lost.


Victor said...

And Mitt's the least likeable of the three unlikeable, uncharismatic, candidates.

And Dukakis wasn't rich.

And Kerry didn't lay-off people, or move their jobs to China, or gobble-up or close businesses to become filthy rich.
He did it the old fashioned way - he married a filthy rich woman.

Stop giving me hope, Steve.

BH said...

But... but... Mitty's not from Massachusetts, he was just brought in from Michigan to be Governor! So he wins.

Greg said...

I hope you're right, but neither of those incumbents were saddled with such a high unemployment rate.