Tuesday, July 03, 2012

 Southern State Leading on ACA is ... Kentucky

Yes, the only southern state committed to implementing Obamacare is the home of both Obamacare sworn enemies Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. So what gives?

Kentucky has a Democratic governor who just won re-election and is not running again (his Obamacare support pretty much proves he won't run against McConnell in 2014.)

Kentucky has large numbers of poor people and low-wage workers who would benefit from expansion, and a powerful private medical industry - including the national headquarters of insurance giant Humana - that will profit handsomely under Obamacare.

Kentucky may hate Obama, national Democrats and the concept of big gubmint interference, but we love us that big gubmint cash. Think Progress:
Despite the Supreme Court ruling that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, Republican governors are considering refusing billions in Medicaid funds which promise to insure millions of lower-income Americans without health care. The Court found that while the Medicaid provision is constitutional, the federal government cannot take away federal funds from states that refuse to open the program to more residents.
A ThinkProgress survey reveals that ten GOP governors have said definitively that they will not accept the funds, while 19 are still considering other options. Sixteen states, all with Democratic governors, have committed to expanding their programs:
And from Kevin Drum, guess which state stands to benefit most from Medicaid expansion?

We may be racist morons who vote repug, but we're not stupid.


Ten Bears said...

Please note, Oregon does not "vote Republican". It's a myth, a long running one at that. Truth is, we don't need the rest of you.

Victor said...

Maybe this time, they've gone too far in 'dividing and conquering?"

When Uncle Zeb and his family in FL finds out that his brother Uncle Zeke and his family in KY get good, low cost, medical care, he'll try to get Governor Lex Luthor to change his mind?


So why can't Uncle Zeb get what Uncle Zeke gets?

Kathy said...

I'm hoping Blue Cross, which dominates the insurance industry here in Alabama, is putting some pressure on our governor to implement the ACA. He's thinking it over at the moment. We'll see.

James Pereira said...

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