Tuesday, July 31, 2012


At the Drudge Report right now:

"Smear"? Really?

Drudge's link is to The Weekly Standard:
Obama Campaign Brings Up 'Felons' in Latest Ad

The latest web ad from Barack Obama's campaign goes after Mitt Romney for not releasing more tax returns than he already has. The ad, titled "Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: When Will He Come Clean?," at one point flashes two words onscreen, "FELONS" and "TAX RECORDS."

The words, "FELONS" and "TAX RECORDS," are displayed onscreen for at least six seconds, so the Obama campaign wants to make sure its viewers see the words....

This isn't the first time the Obama campaign has accused Romney of possibly being a felon....
Oh, give me a break. The campaign isn't accusing Romney of a felony here. Watch the ad and see the six seconds in context. Romney was asked about his tax returns in a debate. You see John Roberts of Fox News noting the response of viewers who were electronically scoring that debate: Romney "was seen as dodging that question so much that we couldn't actually record the number of people who said that he was dodging."

Look, I'm sure the Obama campaign didn't mind the fact that the word "FELONS" happened to appear on the screen. But what Roberts says is such a delicious slam on Romney that the campaign surely would have put it in the ad even if "FELONS" hadn't also appeared on the screen.

The only somewhat deceptive thing here is that the ad starts with a (really sleazy, evasive) Romney clip from the January 19 debate, while Roberts is discussing Romney's answers in a debate that took place three days earlier (a debate that included a testy exchange between Romney and Rick Santorum about voting rights for felons). But come on, folks -- the Obama campaign just wants you to know that Romney's answers come off as slippery and duplicitous to a lot of people. "FELONS" is just a bonus.


Victor said...

Jayzoos H. Keeeerist sunning himself on a Cayman beach with 45 SPF- I had to watch it three times, before I saw the "Felon" reference.

The ad's pretty dull, though.

How about something like, 'Raiders of the Lost Businesses,' where Obama, the hero, has to find the "Ark of the Lost Tax Returns.'

And we see Karl Rove getting there first, only to have his zeppelin-sized face melt off when he finds and opens the cabinet - which will probably sink many a low lying island, because of what that'll add to global warming.

ploeg said...

Why does Fox News hate Mitt Romney? (It is, after all, Fox News that put together "Mitt Romney" and "FELON". For that matter, it was Karl Rove who put together "Mitt Romney" and "FELON".) I swear, by the time these schmucks are done, they will have America believing that Mitt Romney told the truth on his SEC documents that he was in charge at Bain and that Mitt Romney is somehow a FELON.

Philo Vaihinger said...


But, hey, where is their sense of humor?

What do you expect from a Muslim Marxist who probably isn't even a citizen and hates real Anglo Saxon Americans, anyway?