Thursday, July 05, 2012

Racial Double Standards 101

First Google "michelle obama"+angry.

Then Google "ann romney"+angry.

Note the difference in the results: in the former, the adjective is nearly always applied to the person; in the latter, almost never.

Now ask yourself which spouse is actually saying angry things.

Here endeth the lesson.


Steve M. said...

Barbara Bush, v. 2.0.

Tom Hilton said...

Yeah, I thought of her too.

Victor said...

I also noticed few, if any, photo's of Ann when she's angry, and many of Michelle.

OT - if they came back to life, I bet a lot of the famous women, and/or wives of famous world leaders, would by happy that they painters do their portraits, and didn't live in a time where a single photograph, or a frame from a series of photo's or video's, could could make one sneer seem like that's what the woman was all about.

I'm sure the hubby of The Mona Lisa saw her put on a "Michelle Malkin Face" every once in awhile, like when he forgot to take out the garbage.

But all Leonardo left us, was her enigmatic smile.

And I'm sure some of Ruben's models made the same face when he told them he'd run out of reubens for them to eat.
But all we're left with, is some nekked full-figured gals, reaching upwards towards a peach.

Unknown said...

Your lesson ended too soon. They've had Michelle to yell at since 2008. Who even heard of Ann R before this year? How many have even heard of her, yet?

Try googling "hillary"+angry.

Or "nancy pelosi"+angry.

Here endeth the lesson.