Thursday, July 26, 2012


You probably know about this:
A Greek triple jumper has been expelled from the Olympics after she posted a racist joke on Twitter.

Voula Papachristou was kicked out of her national team for mocking African migrants and expressing support for a far-Right political party.

Her offending message – which was referring to reports of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus in her home country – read: 'With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!'
Wanna know what sort of voters the Romney campaign is trying to reach with its "Anglo-Saxon" talk and incessant attempts to link the president to the word "foreign"? I think the target market is folks like these readers, who are discussing the Voula Papachristou story:
Apologies are no longer acceptable; death my fire or hanging is the only thing suitable. We have become a world of politically correct, oversensitive fools. There is nothing I enjoy more than my own people's ethnic jokes. Show me a liberal who says he has never told a private ethnic joke and I'll show you either a liar or a saint.


The joke was not racist at all.

The Olympics need a new event: Eggshell walking.


You must understand that from the standpoint of any international, multi-faith, multi-ethnic, and by all means tolerant and non-bigoted organizations (such as the IOC; see also: UN), she is white and she is female. This simply will not do.


Agreed #2. There was absolutely NOTHING racist or offensive about that joke. It was kind of funny even. Home made food. That means nothing except the little insects come from the same place as the people....big deal!!


I'm not sure who was offended - did the mosquitoes threaten to withdraw from the games?


Are we now forbidden to even say "African" ?
Liberalism is not only a mental disorder ... liberalism is a cancer.


There may be a huge population of WHITE Africans in Greece. Prove it's racist you Olympic twits. I think they kicked her out for the support of the "far-Right political party." Notice there's never a description of a far-left group.


I think Michelle Malkin is keeping track of liberal hate speech on Twitter.Don't know where she finds time to do anything else but these people can say the most vile and reprehensible things about conservatives and it's all good fun.It's fine for one of these morons to say people are voting for Romney only because he's white.They're projecting their own racism on others.These people eat,sleep and drink race.


Geece was the birthplace of western civilization. Isn't it fitting that it should be the first part of the west to throw itself on its own sword for the good of multi culti insanity?


"there are so many Israelis in Athens that a Hezbollah mosquito would think he was eating home cooking" She would've received a gold medal.


She's hot, so I forgive her. LOL
Honestly, pitical correctness is just old fashoned censorship. I thought we hated that? Oh right. Only for the left to decide. Morons


# 12 and 13: Both of you are banned from the Olympics.

Show up at sensitivity class next Monday or you lose your citizenship.



Why are there so many Africans in Greece?

Don't they have their own home?


the people who made the decision are hypocrites guilty of sins worse than a flippant comment.


Shes the perfect poster child. She's white and blonde. She has to be racist.
Except for the one commenter who thinks there's a horrible double standard ("Notice there's never a description of a far-left group"), I see that no one addresses Papachristou's support for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party. The BBC tells us:
... Papachristou had also reposted a tweet by Ilias Kasidiaris, a politician with the far-right Golden Dawn party, criticising Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's stance on immigration.

She had previously retweeted several links to videos promoting the views of Golden Dawn, which won 7% of the vote in Greece's recent elections, and had directly communicated online with Mr Kasidiaris.

Mr Kasidiaris gained notoriety for slapping one left-wing woman politician and throwing water over another, during a heated debate on a television show.

Papachristou tweeted him on his name day last week: "Many happy years, be always strong and true!!!"
Another new Greek MP from Golden Dawn is this guy:
A "Nazi punk" musician who once sang that he would burn down parliament has become Greece's newest MP.

Artemis Matthaiopoulos, a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, used to play bass for a band called Pogrom, known for its racist lyrics, Britain's The Times reported on Thursday.

Among the songs was one titled 'Auschwitz', which contains the lines "F*** Wiesenthal. F*** Anne Frank. F*** the whole tribe of Abraham. The Star of David makes me vomit."
As Human Rights Watch notes:
Golden Dawn is an unabashedly neo-fascist party with a logo reminiscent of the Nazi swastika; its manifesto calls for the creation of a People's Nationalist State which does "not ignore the law of diversity and difference in nature" and asserts that "[b]y respecting the spiritual, ethnic and racial inequality of human we can build equity and law in society." ... The leader of the Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, won a seat on the Athens municipal town council in local elections in November 2010; he was filmed doing the Nazi salute in the Athens town hall in January 2011....

In a March 2012 press release, ... Golden Dawn proposed laying anti-personnel landmines along the Greece-Turkey border in Evros and placing special forces in the area with a license to shoot at will.
Oh, and did I mention Golden Dawn's call for a Greek-only blood bank?

There are the heroes of the Lucianne readers' poor, suffering victim, who was told she wasn't welcome at an gathering of athletes meant to promote international peace and cooperation.

Yeah, if I were the Romney campaign, and were so blinded by cynicism and ambition that I utterly lacked a moral compass, I suppose I'd be dog-whistling to these voters, too.


Victor said...

This Greek woman racist is typical of Conservatives, world wide. They will all cut-off their noses to spite their faces.

How many years did she train for this Olympics?
How much hard work did she put in?
How much personal sacrifice?
How much did her family and friends sacrifice?

She trained for years to go to the Olympics - a gathering of athletes from all around the globe.

And she sees fit to either say something really racist and stupid for some political reason, or to gain favor with the right-wing at home, or she made a lame attempt to be glib - forgetting that Conservatives world-wide have no ability to make a joke, except at the expense of others - because they suffer from an irony deficiency, and a complete lack of empathy.

It was racist no matter how you look at it - because it was offensive to a large group of people with the same background.
And these were fellow athlete's who'd worked at least as hard as she did to get to the Olympics.

Would she have laughed if some other athlete from another nation said, "Never mind bearing gifts - beware of Greeks trying to pay with cash?"
It's a joke about the sh*tty Greek economy - get it?

Good riddance!
The Olympics are supposed to be a competition of athletes from countries all around the world.
But it's a competition that's supposed to bring people together - to show that competition doesn't have to be a battle to the death, but that one can admire another athlete's victory over stiff competition, and the overcoming of obstacles.

The Olympics are here to highlight the BEST in human athletic achievement - not to politicize some nativist point.

Keep that in mind, Mitt:
Presidential politics is supposed to be about the art of what we can accomplish as a nation - not as MY tribe is going to defeat YOUR tribe at ANY cost.

Steve M. said...

I wonder if John Rocker is single.

Victor said...

Well, if he is, he sure didn't meet his future wife on the 7 Train.

If he and this Greek twit DID get married, and had kids, I bet even after 3 jumps from the mound, they still couldn't throw a feckin' strike!

merlallen said...

They've got victimhood down to a science, don't they?