Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In right-wingers' ideal world, I believe, the entire NAACP audience would have spontaneously started singing this "Play That Funky Music" parody entitled "Votin' for the White Boy." Click if you can bear it:

The song comes from The Big Show, aka The John Boy and Billy Radio Show, a North Carolina-based program produced by a bunch of white guys, including one Jeff Pillars, who, in the song, is supposed to be "Ike," i.e., Ike Turner -- Pillars plays him in a recurring segment on the show called (...wait for it...) "Ax Ike" (or occasionally the more polite "Ask Ike").

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your conservative movement.

(Found via an admirer at Free Republic.)


Victor said...


That was epically awful!!!

Wanting to deafen yourself with carbolic acid - awful!

Hey, racist white assholes, stick with white songs to mock Obama - like, "The Night Chicago Beat the Living Sh*t Out of us," "Rush-fat Love, "Knights In White Satin Hoods and Robes,"
"The Night the White's Went Out in Georgia," or even "Na-na-nana, Hey-Hey-Hey - Kiss Him Goodbye."

Leave the "other" peoples music alone!

You sound as pathetic as your candidate at the NAACP!!!

Bill said...

That was indeed terrible, but the original song IS a "white song." The singer is the "white boy" whom the audience is requesting to "play that funky music."

That doesn't change the fact that those other guys are dicks.

Steve M. said...

Well, it was a white song that hit #1 on the R&B charts, so I think a lot of non-white people were OK with it. (It's certainly a song about wanting to get the funk right.)

vera lynn said...

As an NCer who listened to John Boy and Billy for a lot of years, though not in a decade or two, I am revolted. They used to be fun and a bit edgy. No more. And WRFX will be heaeing from me about this shameful mess. Sometimes I think NC is finally getting out of Jesses shadow and then I hear somwthing like this.

Unknown said...

Well, I think you've gotta love that "give that Mormon cracker dude a try" stuff.

If anybody deserves to be called that . . .