Wednesday, July 18, 2012


From "Christie's Brashness Blunts Hopes to Join Ticket," a story by Kate Zernike about New Jersey governor Chris Christie, in The New York Times today:
His aggressive approach to political combat has excited the Tea Party contingent, but he also has influential allies on Wall Street and in other power centers of the Republican Party.
Any political reporter who thinks that's a paradox ought to be fired.

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Victor said...

Kate Zernike sometimes makes S.E. Cupp seem intelligent and thoughtful.
And THAT'S no easy task!!!

Did it never occur to "Kiss-off Kate!" that the people paying for the buses, the sound systems, the platforms with the podiums on them, and the pre-made signs, were wealthy Conservatives who needed to re-brand the Republican Party after a Republican President and his Vice President ran the country like Gilligan and The Skipper, for the benefit of the Howell's - sans the comedy, and 'happy' resolutions?

And that their 8-year, 3-hour tour, left the island's other three inhabitants homeless and hungry - because they let the Howells set the price for the bamboo used to make huts, and the number of coconuts needed to buys them?

And that they were sill alone at sea after 8 years, and at war with people on faraway islands, who'd done nothing to The Professor, or Ginger, or Mary Ann, but instead, were getting in the way of Gilligan, The Skipper, and the Howell's also having a coconut monopoly on their string of islands?

Ah, Kate Zernike, why stay with the NY Times?
A long and wealthy career awaits you, as the former female Liberal reporter at the Socialist NY Times, now "turned" Conservative (aka - stupid, ignorant, and fact-and-clue free), in the world of Wingnut Welfare.
A spot on FOX News awaits.
Endless Think Tanks will want to hear your opinions.
And, you'll have plenty of face and voice time on all of the TV and radio news platforms, as the "Former Liberal" writer at the Socialist NY Times.

Please take advantage of that!
And maybe the NY Times can find a reporter who has a feckin' clue!