Tuesday, January 10, 2012


If Nate Silver is right about the New Hampshire outcome -- he's saying Romney 38.5%, Paul 18.6%, Huntsman 17.0%, Santorum 12.3%, Gingrich 11.5%, Perry 1.2% -- then it will turn out that capitalism-bashing did absolutely no harm to Mitt Romney, and that the two guys who sound most like Democrats in attacking Romney's business record will have finished fourth and fifth, in a state that's seen as having a moderate GOP voter base.

So won't that end all the talk about how even Republicans hate the rapacious rich?

Nawww. Pundits and bloggers will just say we need to wait for all that Sheldon Adelson money to work its magic for Gingrich in South Carolina; maybe they'll say that Jon Huntsman still has a chance, or that he could have a chance if his billionaire daddy would just give millions to his super PAC.

People, please: just stop. Wingnut base voters don't want Gingrich and Perry to bash Romney as a businessman. Wingnut base voters don't want Huntsman to bash Romney as someone who wouldn't serve his country under Obama. Wingnut base voters love businessmen, and they hate Obama vastly more than they love their country.

Stop trying to pretend that Republicans are rational, decent, sane, patriotic people. They're not. They're sociopaths and crackpots. They would burn this country to the ground just to rid it of their political opponents. They would openly embrace negative tax rates for billionaires and big business if Fox and Limbaugh started pushing the notion. And every time you portray them as sane, or seemingly sane, or potentially sane, you make it less likely that the rest of America will address the menace in its midst.

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c u n d gulag said...

"Stop trying to pretend that Republicans are rational, decent, sane, patriotic people."

But, but, but...
CBS, NBC, ABC News, CNN, and FOX, and their Sunday bloviation fests, and 20+ hours of MSNBC daily, and the NY Times, the WaPo, AP, NPR, and PBS, and every other major American MSM news source tell me they are - because they treat them like they are.
So, you MUST be wrong!

And to say otherwise is to be shrill!

So, congratulations - no more Steve "M":
It's now Steve S - for "S"hrill.

Maybe you'll get lucky, and Krugman'll split some dinner checks with you every once in awhile.

Danp said...

I think the more interesting aspect to this is that some Republican politicians are starting to admit that some capitalists are evil. And one in particular calls himself a Republican. However, even the accusers don't think government should actually do anything about it.

c u n d gulag said...

Same post, different site, and you have 111 commenters over there - and counting!

And here, right now, Danp and I sit.


Like two children abandoned by their father.

Oh, woe is we!

c u n d gulag said...

Don't worry Danp, I'll look after you while Dad's off with his high-falutin' new rich bud's on a bimbo and blow binge.

He'll come home.


Steve M. said...

I'm just Kato Kaelin over there.

Danp said...

Oh, oh. I hope you don't bring home any bloody gloves.

c u n d gulag said...


corrine said...

I think this situation may be a little more complicated. Attacks on Romney from the left by republicans probably just anger and embolden them. It reminds me of Hillary Clinton and her "hard working whites" comment, or the three am ad implying that Obama wasn't ready. We thought these attacks were ridiculous on there face, so to hear them from a fellow democrat was infuriating.