Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yes, South Carolina Republican voters gave Newt Gingrich a decisive victory, but please note a particular reason they gave for picking Newt:

Of those who think beating Mr. Obama is the most important candidate quality, Mr. Gingrich wins nearly half of the votes, the most of any of the Republican candidates.

And voters in South Carolina were more likely than voters in New Hampshire to say that beating Mr. Obama was the most important quality in a Republican candidate.

Dave Weigel elaborates:

Forty-five percent of voters ranked "can defeat Obama" as the supremo quality they want in a nominee. Gingrich won them over Romney, 51-37. Why? Tony Shipley, a Tennessee state representative who runs Newt's campaign there, explained it to me. "He will LACERATE Obama in a debate. He will absolutely ANNIHILATE him."

So what these people are saying is that they think independents and even some Democrats will respond favorably in the fall if Newt Gingrich treats Barack Obama the way he treated Juan Williams and John King. They think going medieval on a guy a lot of people think is likable even though they don't agree with him personally is a winning strategy.

I have no desire to disabuse them of this notion. I hope they sustain it all the way to the convention, and beyond.


Danp said...

In a fact free environment, Gingrich is a great debater. His attacks on Romney, however, are going to make it difficult to run as a Republican in the general election. And those made-for-South-Carolina dog whistles won't carry him through the primaries. He needs to hope Romney continues to self-destruct. I'm glad I'm not a Republican.

Ten Bears said...

EYaw, that from an insufficiently evolved flea agitating the hide of a far greater organism, one who believes the world is flat, six thousand years old and because it's in the "bible" it's OK to have sex with your daughters.

Please Dog, if you do exist, if these really are your "Chosen People", please come take them away. Rapture them, eat them, I don't care. Just get them out off of my world - the only world my grandchildren have to grow up on.

Yaw'l know I'm not a big fan of Obama, though I have stated many times here that in the face of the alternative he enjoys my support. That support is a tad irrational (kinda' like religion) in that it is and has always been in part based upon our common "mixed ancestry" - he "black", I "red".

[As an aside, nothing would afford me greater physical pleasure right now than staking any one of these dog-whistlers out over an ant-hill and sitting back with a fat doobie to count the minutes till they shit themselves, which I'm figuring would be less than fifteen]

It's a media troupe that "blacks" and "Mexicans" don't get along, and for the most part in the ghettos and the barrios that's true - but it is pretty stunning to see just how quickly those differences are set aside when it comes time to kick the shit out of a white dog. When all the so-called minorities are lumped into one big "minority" group it is no longer a minority. The white dogs are the minority. The people these fakirs are dog-whistling make up less than than forty-five percent of the voting population, the "Christians" less than thirty-five percent. Even if every dog-damned one of them voted it wouldn't be enough to overcome a concerted GTOV in the majority "minority" population.

Which leads us to a question I've asked here several times - why are they throwing the election to Obama?

c u n d gulag said...

Ten Bears,
Maybe they realize that under Obama, unlike any Republican that might win, they might still have an opportunity to steal more wealth out of this country, before it goes in the shitter.
They saw their stocks and bonds plummet under Little Boots, but pick up under Obama.
And Obama hasn't thrown one of these rich cocksucking motherfuckers into court yet.

But, despite my issues with him, Obama isn't just head and shoulders above any of the Republican idiots, it's like he's on Everest, and they're in the Marianas Trench.

Oh, and I would love Obama to debate Newt. He'd carve that stupid fat piece of shit up and gut him like a Holloween Jack-o-lantern, and leave him jabbering into the ether like a broken record.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a country that was supposedly turned against Al Gore because of mere "sighs" and supposed eye-rolling is going to LOVE Gingrich's "lacerating" attacks on Obama.


: smintheus :: said...

This is partly right, wingnuts do think a scorched earth attack on Obama is needed and wanted by real 'muricans. But it also misses something I've been saying for months: They want to nominate somebody smarter than Obama who can show him up in the debates. For the last 3 elections their candidates have looked like fools in the debates, and they're desperate to have a nominee who comes across as the intellectual better. Bizarre and misinformed as they are, the Republican base genuinely believes that Gingrich is smahhhtt. They don't see his demagoguery as demagoguery, his BS as BS, his cynicism as cynicism, because it's the core of their own views such as they are.

lovable liberal said...

Wingnuts crave the exact sort of blowhard certitude that Newt gives them in megalomaniacal profusion.

c u n d gulag said...

Newt's cranking up that dog-whistling shit up to air raid siren levels.

And that's what they love.
A candidate who can put Obama in his place like he did Juan Williams.

If Newt does, indeed, debate Obama, he will look like a sputtering 4th Grade ADHD, Autistic, special needs student, trying to to make his points against a Phi Beta Kappa Doctoral or Legal Doctoral student.

The man ain't nothing if he ain't fucking stupid.