Sunday, January 08, 2012


Newt's being backed by one of the key tea party figures of 2010:

Ron Paul's about to "get on the mother-ship and go back to the mother planet," Rick Perry’s going nowhere unless it's to "hang around the shooting range," and Jon Huntsman clearly loves the Chinese so much he "should move to China."

So says former New York gubernatorial candidate and current Newt Gingrich supporter Carl Paladino.

... He's in [Manchester, New Hampshire] to lend his support to Gingrich, whom he says he has long supported but only backed publicly about a month ago when he discovered to his horror that the New York Republican establishment was lining up behind Mitt Romney....

Here's a thought I'm having.

I realize that Paladino was caught sending a series of racist and porn e-mail forwards.

And I realize he was caught on video threatening a New York Post reporter with physical violence...

And I know he lost to Andrew Cuomo by 30 points in the New York governor's race.

Even so: Don't you think it's entirely possible that, if he ran for president as a Republican in this election cycle, he would have led the polls at least briefly at some point in the last year?

Don't you think he might have been praised for his straight-talking style and lack of political correctness? Don't you think he could have been at least one of the series of anti-Romneys?

In this party, I don't see why not.


: smintheus :: said...

I think Christine O'Donnell could have been a front-runner if she had joined the race.

Danp said...

My only question is why do you think it's too late? Sure he's not on the ballots anywhere, but he has three great features. He's a blow hard, he's an unknown and he's not Romney. Where wisdom is folly, Paladino would be king.

c u n d gulag said...

Paladino is a Conservative, an imbecile, and a thug (but I repeat myself), so of course he'd have led at some point.
If he threw his hat in the ring after NH, he could probably win SC - despite being a Yankee from NY (not to disparage my favorite team).

Steve M. said...

I think Joe the Plumber could have cracked double digits at least once in the polls. Kenneth Gladney, too.