Saturday, January 14, 2012

In Their Minds It's Always 2003

Submitted with very little comment, here's Dana Loesch responding to the reaction to her endorsement of urinating on Taliban corpses:
My entire point of the past two days was to highlight the absurd reaction from militant troop-bashers to these Marines. In my Twitter timeline yesterday progressives called our military “killers, kids, barbaric trash, murderers …” The only time soldiers are celebrated by the left is when they engage in protests like OWS. The rest of the time they’re demonized....

I’ve seen more outrage towards our troops over this incident than I have ever seen towards the Taliban themselves who’ve beheaded soldiers (American and Afghan), raped and tortured women, sent out suicide bombers, and carried out horrific attacks.

The disproportionate anger on the part of progressives is fueled by their dislike of our military. That what this proves.
Ah, memories. Remember when this was the standard line for the right-wing hawks? Remember when it used to work?


Danp said...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Piss on her.

c u n d gulag said...

You want to talk about us?

Dana "The Douche" Loesch is part of the group that likes to piss on the veterans.

As witnessed by her support of Little Boots Bush and his constant attempts to hack away at the VA, and veterans rights, benefits, and services.

Why, oh why, do Conservatives HATE OUR VETERANS?!?!?!

How's that feel, Loesch "The Douche?"

Another good hire, there, CNN!

Too bad Eva Braun and Mussolini's mistress are both dead, or you'd put them on with Wolf, "The Undead" Blitzer, too, no doubt.

ploeg said...

As anybody who read With the Old Breed knows, it takes a certain kind of character to pee on dead enemy soldiers:

Mac was a decent, clean-cut man but one of those who apparently felt no restraints under the brutalizing influence of war--although he had hardly been in combat at that time. He had one ghoulish, obscene tendency that revolted even the most hardened and callous men I knew. When most men felt the urge to urinate, they simply went over to a bush or stopped wherever they happened to be and relieved themselves without ritual or fanfare. Not Mac. If he could, that "gentleman by the act of Congress" would locate a Japanese corpse, stand over it, and urinate in its mouth. It was the most repulsive thing I ever saw an American do in the war. I was ashamed that he was a Marine officer.

Of course, that sort of behavior met an almost predictable end:

Most of us had finished digging in when we suddenly noticed that our pugnacious lieutenant, Mac, was still digging feverishly. He was excavating a deep one-man foxhole and throwing out a continuous shower of dirt with his entrenching shovel. While Shells were still coming in, the fire had slackened a bit in our area. But Mac continued to burrow underground.

I don't know who started it, but I think it was Snafu who reminded Mac of his oft-repeated promise to charge the enemy line as soon as any of our guys got hit. Once the kidding began, several of us veterans chimed in and vigorously encouraged Mac to keep his promise.

"Now that Nease and Westbrook been killed, ain't it about time you took your kabar and .45 and charged them Nips, Mac?" Snafu asked.

Mac never stopped digging; he simply answered that he had to dig in. I told him I would lend him my kabar, but another man said with mock seriousness, "Naw, Sledgehammer, he might not be able to return it to you."

"Boy, when Mac gets over to them Nips, he's gonna clean house, and this blitz gonna be a pushover," someone else said.

But Mac only grunted and showed no inclination to charge the enemy--or to stop digging.


We never heard any more from Mac about charging the Japanese line with his kabar and .45 caliber pistol. That enemy shelling had one beneficial result: it dissolved his bravado.

sugarbiscuit said...

In my Twitter timeline yesterday progressives called our military “killers, kids, barbaric trash, murderers …”

I think I might have to see some evidence of this claim...

: smintheus :: said...

Allen West is taking the disgraceful side as well. Figures.

Anonymous said...

Truth to tell, my attitude toward the military is not what the war party would wish.

For example, the other night Harry’s Law ran an episode in which Tommy Jefferson and the little guy championed the efforts of a brain-damaged Iraq veteran to win the Purple Heart.

On the one hand, I sided with Tommy because of course the guy deserved the recognition and the added benefits as much as anyone seriously wounded in action.

For that matter, the idea that US veterans would get less than first rate medical care for harm suffered in active service I find repugnant.

But all the same I could not help, in foro interno, demanding the guy explain why he had volunteered and why he or anyone else on the show thought Americans owed him a debt of gratitude.

The truth is he got himself badly damaged in a war we should never have started and should just drop as soon as possible.

He was not hurt defending us or any significant or valid American national interest.

It was and is a stupid waste, not only by us but by him.

I felt exactly the same way about veterans of the Vietnam era though I am one, myself, except that in general we were not volunteers but draftees and in that measure less open to reproach for expecting gratitude where none had been earned.