Thursday, January 26, 2012


Damn clever of President Obama to get into a tiff over immigration with Arizona governor Jan Brewer during the brief ten-day window when the leading Republican candidates are falling all over themselves trying to pretend that they don't hate brown people, in pursuit of Florida's Cuban-American GOP voter bloc. If Obama and Brewer had had words on this subject anytime before the polls closed in South Carolina, or anytime after they close in Florida, you can be sure that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich would demagogue the issue, accusing Obama of traitorously failing to secure the U.S. borders with nuclear weapons and a lake of fire. (Well, maybe that would just be Gingrich.) But right now, when they're faking Hispanophilia, what can they do? What can they say? Following their current strategies, they can't even launch a full immigration attack on him in the debate tonight, can they? So well played, Mr. President.


UPDATE: Forgot to add: a privatized lake of fire.


Bulworth said...

"...failing to secure the U.S. borders with nuclear weapons and a lake of fire."

Don't give the teabag GOP any more Big Ideas.

BH said...

Another 'kudos' to O from me. I get a glow just from the fact that he tangled with Brewer, and a malicious grin from the timing.

c u n d gulag said...

Yeah, the Wrinkled Witch of the West might have gotten suckered.


Let's see what Sentator Marco Rubio says.

Ten Bears said...

Typical "American" - fat, ugly and stupid.