Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If the speech seemed frequently strong and inspiring, and seemed like a campaign speech -- in fact, a 2008-style campaign speech -- I'd say it's because President Obama seems to know he has about as much power to get this agenda enacted right now as he did four years ago, when he wasn't president yet. When you're not president, you run through a lot of promises you'd like to deliver on, though you know you may never even get the opportunity. Obama is president, but he's in the same position -- he can't get much done. In his State of the Union addresses in 2010 and 2011, you felt that he didn't quite believe that everything he wanted to do would run into a brick wall; now he seems to know better. So it's as if he was talking tonight about what could be the way a challenger does. Hell, why not? Republicans ran the country four years ago and Republicans run the country now. We still need hope and change.


c u n d gulag said...

I thought Obama gave a good SOTU.

I didn’t stick around for Lil’ Mitch’s STFU response.

Why would I?
It was going to be their typical BS lying talking points.
Whatever Obama’s for, they’re against – except the military. Only he doesn’t want to go into Iran, and they do.

BH said...

I thought it was good as well. About the right mix of stuff doable, and to be done, w/o Congress and stuff that can't be done w/o a Congress and in most cases therefore won't be done any time soon. Never hurts to say what they oughta do, even - or particularly - if you know they won't do it AND you know what their (dis)approval rating is.

And another successful, this time primarily humanitarian, mission being accomplished in Somalia at the same time... not bad, not bad at all.