Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's one thing to say that Michele Bachmann exceeded expectations a couple of nights ago, but last night CBS's Jan Crawford (after dealing with Mitt Romney in the first minute of this piece) basically wrote and delivered a Bachmann press release on the air:

But Bachmann -- I mean, she also had a big night, because she introduced herself to the American people as a serious candidate. She's known as -- you know, for being a favorite of the tea party. But as a former tax attorney and now a congresswoman, she also showed she's got a real command of complex issues....

Now, you know, she's been typecast as appealing to social conservatives, but, Scott, she emphasized that experience and showed last night she could have potential to appeal much more broadly.

"A real command of complex issues"? Has the elite media decided that maybe the problem all along wasn't Bachmann, it was us? That we only thought she was a crazy conspiratorialist and extremist because of our damn liberal bias? Of all people, is she being given the role Daniels, Thune, and Barbour declined and Pawlenty seems uncapable of taking on -- that of the media-designated "reasonable" candidate who's not Romney?

I'd be worried that that means she'll be Romney's running mate (and thus, quite possibly, the next vice president of the United States -- but she's from a relatively small state and Marco Rubio obviously brings a lot more to the table in terms of the potential for winning electoral votes, given the fact that Republicans are still allowing Hispanics to vote, so I assume he'll get the #2 slot, not Bachmann. But still -- Bachmann in Romney's cabinet, maybe? Are you ready for that?

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