Monday, June 06, 2011


In comments to this post, Paulo makes a good point:

Pelosi wants an ethics investigation on Weiner for sending naughty photos over the internet.

I guess that's what it takes to get congressional attention.

We have almost 10% Unemployment and they ain't done and will not do JACK. So, I propose sending your tightie-whitey (m/f - I'm a liberal) photo to your Congressional rep. Maybe we can stage a TEE-party rally on tha Mall. It is summer.

Hell, worked for Weiner.

Maybe that's a good idea. The Beltway doesn't care about the unemployed or the underwater -- but underwear they care about. So if you're unemployed, maybe you should write the number of weeks you've been out of work on your underwear, then take a crotch photo and send it to the media, to members of Congress, and to the White House, marked "NOW DO YOU CARE?"

Will it work? Will it get their attention? Well, you can't be any less on their radar than you are now, so any attention you get would have to be an improvement, right?

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