Monday, June 27, 2011


The Austin American-Statesman reports:

Gov. Rick Perry spoke Sunday at a summit hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers near Vail, Colorado.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner described the Colorado summit as a "private gathering of business leaders" and said it was not related to a possible presidential campaign.

"This was an opportunity to talk about the economic success in Texas," Miner said, adding that it was no different than other speeches Perry gives touting the Texas job record.

Miner also said Perry talked about issues related to his role as chairman of the Republican Governors Association....

Oh, I'm sure it was just an innocent speech about Texas and the role of governors in American life, although we'll never learn much detail about it, given the fact that (as The Denver Post notes) everything about the Kochs' semi-annual retreat, even the guest list and the exact location, is kept secret by the Kochs.

I don't want to jump to the conclusion that Perry is necessaruy the Kochs' guy -- I'm sure all sorts of presidential wannabes are going to be invited to park themselves on the Kochs' casting couch. And I'm sure they'll do pretty much what you expect people to do on a casting couch, metaphorically speaking.

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