Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Glenn Beck's down to his last few days on TV, so let's consider what we'll be losing when he's gone: stuff like the current lead story at his Blaze site, which links a relatively insignificant new Obama initiative to a massive internationalist totalitarian conspiracy, and possibly (if non-Beck thinkers out there in the ether are to be believed) to literal genocide.

In other words, it's still business as usual in Beck Land. Oh, except for the fact that this time Anthony Weiner's penis is involved:

Does The New 'White House Rural Council' = UN's Agenda 21?

On June 9, 2011, President Obama signed his 86th Executive Order, and almost nobody noticed....

President Obama's E.O. 13575 is designed to begin taking control over almost all aspects of the lives of 16% of the American people. Why didn't we notice it? Weinergate. In the middle of the Anthony Weiner scandal, as the press and most of the American people were distracted, President Obama created something called "The White House Rural Council" (WHRC)....

Warning bells should have been sounding all across rural America when the phrase "sustainable rural communities" came up [in Section 1 of the executive order]. As we know from researching the UN plan for Sustainable Development known as Agenda 21, these are code words for the true fundamental transformation America....

Beck's been banging on about this on TV lately, while the UN's director of sustainable development, Tariq Banuri (yes, Tariq!), reminds us that Agenda 21 isn't a treaty, is non-binding, and merely "sets out a common vision" on sustainable development and environmentalism.

Out there beyond the beyond, the beliefs about Agenda 21 range from moderately crazier than Beck's (the combination of Agenda 21 and the Obama administration's push for high-speed rail is a scheme for forcibly "herding people into concentrated population centers") to outright lunatic: search "Agenda 21 depopulation" and you'll find the likes of this:

The UNgody UN Agenda 21 Global Depopulation Eugenics Program: How those who consider themselves as being "The Global Elite" are implementing their diabolical plan to "Save the Planet" (for themselves) via a massive Depopulation of Human beings upon Planet Earth. Why are faux Environmentalists plotting "The Great Culling of Humanity" to reduce World-wide Populations from our current level of 7.8 Billion to less than One Billion. Or how the RockyFeller's, Ted Turnips, and Wroth's Child's are planning to have far less traffic jams, no lift-lines, and wide open Tee-Times on the "Global Plantation" of the future!!! They believe that such traffic jams are "UNsustainable"!!!!!!

And now? Nothing can stop them in America! All thanks to the distraction of Anthony Weiner's penis! (The Beck site doesn't allude to the belief that there's something suspicious about the timing of Weinergate because Huma Abedin's mother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood!!!1!1!, but, y'know, wheels within wheels and all that. Maybe he'll get to that if you go for his post-Fox pay-per-view deal.)

This seems mostly harmless, except that the end of the Beck story does list a series of U.S. communities where local governments -- presumably under the influence of Beck and fellow Agenda 21 conspiracy group leader Alex Jones -- have angrily voted not to cooperate with ICLEI, an international association of local governments that's involved in these sustainability initiatives. These communities have been persuaded, apparently, that the new Agenda 21/UN/Soros (yup, he's involved too) fascist dictator of the planet is this guy: David Capman, the president of ICI:

Yes, that's right: when fascism comes, it will be led by a guy who looks like Tom Tomorrow's Bearded Liberal Guy.

I assume that what all these UN and ICLEI folks do, and what the White House's group will do, is sometimes useful, sometimes a bit cumbersome and bureaucratic, and probably unlikely to change the world in a profound way for good or ill, but possibly capable of improving it somewhat.

But that's because I'm an evil liberal fascist, right? Meanwhile, Senator Lisa Murkowski, upon being told about the new White House executive order, was surprised but not alarmed:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, says news of the executive order came as a surprise to her.

"I'm a little skeptical," said Murkowski, "but I will be the first one to embrace it, if in fact it does translate into benefits for rural Alaska and really does allow for a greater coordinated effort, so that we can see real differences in our remote areas."


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