Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, Michele Bachmann confused John Wayne and serial killer killer John Wayne Gacy, but thw wingnut base won't care. The base has been primed to believe that the most gaffe-prone politician in America today is ... um, Barack Obama. Right-wingers lovingly collect Obama flubs the way Deadheads collect soundboard dubs. They compile these flubs (and items they don't realize aren't flubs) into videos like the one below. It's amateurish, but that didn't stop Fox Nation from featuring it prominently last week. (I'll understand if you can't make your way all the way through this -- most reasonable people couldn't):

As you can tell from the title of the video, Obama flub collecting has been a particularly popular sport among Sarah Palin fans, who've been determined to demonstrate that she's just as qualified to be president as that Obama guy. It remains to be seen whether talk about Bachmann's gaffes will actually cause her to gain votes from the Palin crowd (if she's hated and sneered at by the damn libs, she must be someone the left really fears, right?)

Did I say that right-wingers collect Obama flubs? Yes, and they have long memories for these flubs. Thus, Fox Nation reports the Bachmann gaffe using this headline:

Bachmann Bungles 'John Wayne' While Stumping in One of Obama’s 57 States

Every Obama-hater knows that Barack Obama said he'd visited "57 states" -- in 2008. The haters have a really long memory for this sort of thing. There are Obama "57 states" T-shirts. There are theories that he was secretly referencing the 57 states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (which doesn't explain why he said there was "one left to go" when he said he'd been to "57 states" -- unless maybe he's planning to make the U.S. a member of the OIC!!!1!1). It's a big deal -- and, to a wingnut, no gaffe, or series of gaffes, by Bachmann or Palin can put either of them in Obama's league. They seriously believe he's just the dumbest, most gaffe-prone politician we've ever had.

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