Thursday, June 16, 2011


Holy crap -- Anthony Weiner's stepping down and he can't even get the lead-story slot at Fox Nation? Afraid not -- as I type this, pride of place goes to the right's new starburst lady:

The linked story, by the way, is this, from the Daily Beast:

Michele Bachmann's growing 2012 buzz won't just put her positions under a microscope -- her husband, Marcus, a Christian counselor, believes in a "homosexual agenda" and has referred to gays as “barbarians.” ...

Yup -- he's called gay people "barbarians," but he's the one under "attack."

The new starburst lady, by the way, has vaulted to second place in a Rasmussen poll of likely GOP primary voters (I think possibly we can trust Rasmussen not to introduce GOP bias in an all-GOP poll), so expect more of this from Fox.

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