Monday, June 06, 2011


I'm watching his press conference. There's a liveblog here. He's admitting that the original tweet came from him and that he's engaged in other sexual exchanges online, both before and after his marriage (though he says he hasn't met any of the women in question).

He's from New York -- the outer boroughs, but I'm not sure that matters. This ain't the Bible Belt. He's finally coming clean -- and if he avoided crossing the line with minors, and avoiding the use of government equipment, he may just survive this. Hey, he's expressing a hell of a lot more contrition than Rudy Giuliani did when he destroyed his marriage, and we let him slide.

Would he survive if the next photos that come out are (as Breitbart says) "of an x-rated nature"? He really might if minors weren't involved. We're New Yorkers. Not much fazes us. It was the evasiveness and the drip-drip-drip -- the unanswered drip-drip-drip -- that threatened him. If he's essentially acknowledged everything Breitbart et al. can now throw at him, he might squeak by.

(And remember, even non-New Yorkers mostly yawned at that '90s porn classic, the Starr Report.)


UPDATE: If you want the near-porn, it's at Radar and ABC. The women in question are 46 and 26, respectively. I think he just might survive this if he goes the admit-you-have-a-problem route. There's some humiliating stuff here, but nothing, really, that's worse than Clinton/Lewinsky.

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