Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm not sure if there's room in the coffin of Jon Huntsman's presidential hopes for any more nails, but here's a big fat one, courtesy of Matt Bai's online Huntsman Q&A:

Q. Has he made any definitive statements in regards to where he stands on immigration in general ... and illegal immigration in specific?
– Posted by RC

A. I don't know if he's made any definitive statements yet, RC, but I have heard him talk informally about the issue, and he says he thinks it's important for us to help the children of undocumented immigrants assimilate into the country, rather than punishing them for being here. Without divulging conversations I witnessed that were off the record, I can tell you that he is pretty firm on this point, even when challenged by his own supporters.

Oh, that's brilliant -- because there's if there's one thing Republican voters love more than what they invariably refer to as "amnesty," it's being lectured on the importance of "amnesty."

Give it up, Jon -- this is a huge problem for you. (So is an earlier statement about the border fence: "I hate the thought of a fence on the border.... it to some extent repulses me....")

Right-wingers forced their hero George W. Bush to abandon immigration reform. They pressured John McCain to renounce his own immigration bill. They're going to make mincemeat out of you, Jon.

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