Thursday, June 23, 2011


Fox News:

Sarah Palin on Wednesday denied reports that her "One Nation" bus tour is winding down. It is on hold while she returns to Alaska for jury duty, she said, but she is "looking forward to hitting the open road again."

... Palin said the "coming weeks are tight because civic duty calls (like most everyone else, even former governors get called up for jury duty) and I look forward to doing my part just like every other Alaskan." ...

I don't know in what court she's supposed to be serving, but when I go to the Alaska Court System's Trial Jury Handbook, I read this:

Can I postpone my jury service?

If jury service at the time for which you are summoned will cause hardship, you may request deferral of service to another time within the next ten months. If you need to seek a deferral, you should do so as soon as possible. Do not wait until the time you are to appear. To reschedule your jury service, follow the instructions for question #12 on the Jury Questionnaire. If you have already sent in your questionnaire, call the jury clerk as soon as possible for instructions.

So even the rugged, free, self-sufficient, moose-shooting residents of the Last Frontier do this. It's not just for us flabby, effete East Coast socialists. So, um, why not follow the instructions for question #12, Sarah? Doesn't the survival of the nation depend on the continuance of your pro-freedom tour?

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