Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Midway through this NBC news story about the proposed Ialamic center near Ground Zero, there's a clip of Newt Gingrich in a TV interview saying, with horror,

This is a political act to establish a 13-story building, two blocks from the World Trade Center, for the purpose of saying, "We're winning, the Americans are losing."

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Omigod! A 13-story building?! In New York City?!

Gimme a freaking break. I live in a 10-story building. I work on the 23rd floor of a 52-story building.

New York has 33 of the 100 tallest buildings in America. A new 13-story building would be approximately the 2,011th-tallest building in the city.

Newt? I've got news for you. This isn't some outer-ring suburb of Atlanta. This is New York. A 13-story building is no big whoop here.


Bonus fun in the clip above: I believe that's Pam Geller shrieking about 27 seconds in. Best part? The reporter doesn't even bother to identify her.

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