Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The "shocker" result of the new Rasmussen poll looks a tad dubious when you dig into the numbers even a little bit. Here's the big shock:

Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Pit maverick Republican Congressman Ron Paul against President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 election match-up, and the race is -- virtually dead even.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of likely voters finds Obama with 42% support and Paul with 41% of the vote....

But wait -- what else does this poll say?

Thirty-nine percent (39%) of all voters have a favorable opinion of Paul, while 30% view him unfavorably. This includes 10% with a very favorable opinion and 12% with a very unfavorable one. But nearly one-out-of-three voters (32%) are not sure what they think of Paul.

So 41% would vote for him but only 39% like him? We're supposed to believe that?

I assume the point of this poll isn't to push Ron Paul -- it's to urge Republicans to stick with a teabag/small-government (or at least small-domestic-government) approach as election season approaches. Don't waver! Don't go RINO! And it'll probably work.


As for that other poll...

Americans are now pretty evenly divided about whether they would rather have Barack Obama or George W. Bush in the White House. 48% prefer Obama while 46% say they would rather have the old President back.

... let me remind you that this is from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm that often turns up a right-wing bias. Remember, these are the folks who thought Doug Hoffman would win by 16 points.

I think Obama's polls are bad these days. I just don't think they're this bad.

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