Thursday, April 15, 2010


Fox Nation (see above), Instapundit, and other wingnuts are feeling like victims of fascism again because of those crazy liberal commies in ... um ... North Carolina law enforcement:

Organizers of a tea party event planned for Thursday at the state Capitol are unhappy they can't carry flags on poles because of state officials' fears that they could be used as weapons.

The prohibition applies to the American flag, North Carolina's state flag or anything else carried on a pole more than a foot in length. Scott Hunter, chief of the State Capitol Police, said that the group will be allowed to carry tiny flags of the kind handed out at parades and Fourth of July events.

"It's sad our country has come to this," said Laura Long, the Apex woman who applied for the permit on behalf of Triangle Conservatives Unite....

Fellow wingnut Sister Toldjah thinks this is absurd:

That's strange, because the only times I ever see flags used as weapons is when radical leftists set fire to them.

Ms. Toldjah, let me take you back to my hometown:

On April 5, 1976, at an anti-busing rally at City Hall Plaza, Stanley Forman, a photographer for the Boston Herald-American, captured a teenager as he transformed the American flag into a weapon directed at the body of a black man. It is the ultimate act of desecration, performed in the year of the bicentennial and in the shadows of Boston's Old State House. Titled The Soiling of Old Glory, the photograph appeared in newspapers around the country and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1977.

That's what the cops in Raleigh are afraid of. And not without reason.


(Via Alicublog.)

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