Wednesday, April 28, 2010


At Politico right now:

I think Washington Post/ABC pollsters have your answer:

Nearly three times as many Americans blame former president George W. Bush for the size of the [budget] shortfall as point the finger at Obama. Public perceptions on the state of the economy are roughly the same, with 59 percent blaming Bush for continued weakness and 25 percent finding Obama more culpable. Even about three in 10 Republicans blame Bush more than Obama for the deficit and the state of the economy.

As Chris Cillizza notes,

While those blaming Obama has risen from a July 2009 Post/ABC survey when 16 percent said the economy was his fault, the number of people blaming Bush is virtually unchanged -- 61 percent in July 2009 as compared to 59 percent now.

Combine this with the fact that Jeb Bush has defied conservative correctness by criticizing the Arizona immigration bill -- which profoundly offends the GOP base without making Dems like me any more favorably disposed to Jeb (or any other Bush) -- and I think it's safe to say that we as a nation are not feeling the Bush love. Oh, maybe there's some for Laura (her book is at #8 at Amazon, based on pre-orders), but I doubt she's running for anything (which may be why there's residual fondness for her in America). When it comes to the same tired old Bush guys, it's safe to say that very few people (except perhaps the dead-ender 22-percenters) want them back.

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