Thursday, April 15, 2010


Michelle Malkin has a post up right now titled "How to Spot and Tag a Tea Party Infiltrator" (and yes, she really does mean "tag" -- she provides downloadable signs you can presumably hang around the necks of the damn dirty traitors, the way ... um ... these guys used to). Alas for Michelle, her list of telltale signs of infiltration includes:

4. Upside-down flags.

Uh-oh -- somebody better tell this guy at

Each and every American who is distressed by the rogue Obama government can easily show his or her protest by displaying the American flag up side down. Traditionally, the flag has been displayed up side down when freedom is threatened....

Also, if you wear a flag pin it can be turned under as well. As can hand held flags.

Or this guy at

Today is the day I hung my flag upside down.

I know some of you will think it's foolish and others will look upon me with discuss. Some will go as far to claim I'm not very American (they don't know me). I don't care. I am passionate about my country and what our Congress and President just did goes against the beliefs of the majority of Americans. It also is an assault on the principles and the Constitution on which this great country was founded....

Or this guy. Or this guy. Or this guy. Or this guy. Or this woman. Or these people. Or these people. Or this online shop.

Hey, I know why it seems as if the tea party movement is so large and powerful -- THEY'RE ALL PROVOCATEURS! There aren't any actual members of the movement at all!

I feel so much better now.


UPDATE: And if there really are any would-be liberal provocateurs out there, I approve of the tactic recommended by Jack in comments:

I like the "Infiltrator ---->" sign that Malkin posts. YEAH THAT CAN'T BACKFIRE. Instead of carrying really racist signs, provocateurs (to the extent that there actually are any) should just carry the infiltrator sign itself. They won't know who's who.

(Full-size version in Malkin's post.)

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