Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I was actually surprised to see this at FoxNews.com.

Coming out against a large corporation? Fox? Really? That doesn't seem like the modern conservative movement I know. Maybe I've misunderstood things -- maybe the new righties really do hate people in power who abuse that power.

Then I saw the vote, and I realized my hunch had been correct:

There you go: the great teabagging masses of Foxland look at the Toyota situation -- the accidents, the recalls, the coverups -- and decide to side with the huge company.

There's your "anti-authoritarian" movement, folks.

Don't hold your breath waiting for these people ever to turn skeptical about anyone holding any kind of power -- other than a Democrat.


(See also my previous post on Toyota's attempt to blame regulators, an effort seconded by Indiana governor and ex-Bushie Mitch Daniels.)

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