Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm not going to defend the efforts by the White House, or at least the Park Police, to keep reporters (including quite a few from big news organizations) away from an anti-Don't Ask, Don't Tell demonstration at the White House fence. But I'm fascinated to learn that our right-wing friends have developed a newfound appreciation of the hated "lamestream" media and of gay people. calls this "Your Wednesday Video Blood Boiler" ("Media, public strong armed away from tiny Don't Ask Don't Tell protest at White House"). Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism solemly intones that "it is very disturbing that Obama's people are using the District police to prevent reporters from doing their jobs and covering an act of peaceful civil disobedience." Moe Lane at RedState, that great lover of the mainstream press, gripes that "the administration neither respects the media on a fundamental level, nor expects the media to ever do anything in response to slights." Dan Riehl declares that "Obama's Iron-Fisted Left Hates A Free Press."

Excuse me, guys -- aren't these the same reporters that you hate? And aren't they trying to cover the same sick sodomites you think are trying to force their "agenda" on all right-thinking Americans? When did the press and gay servicemembers become your best buds?

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