Thursday, October 01, 2009


Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida has said on the House floor that the Republican health plan is: "die quickly" He's called current U.S. health policies "this holocaust."

I think he should go to the House floor and apologize to his colleagues for saying those things (and not just "to the dead," as he already has). No, really, he should.

But here's how he should do it. First he should quote, verbatim, every remark made in the past few months on the floor of the House by Republicans that said health care reform would kill people, with names and dates. Basically, he should replicate the highlight reel that starts below at about 4:25:

(Some excerpts here.)

Then he should say, "I apologize for the remarks I've just quoted, which accuse my colleagues of trying to kill people, on behalf of those who made those remarks and have never come here to the House floor and apologized for them themselves.

"And I apologize for my own remarks accusing colleagues of trying to kill people.

"Now, who will be the next to apologize?"

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