Thursday, October 15, 2009


On Fox News last night, Neil Cavuto brought on a guest, financial advisor Jim Lacamp of Texas, to discuss whether the attainment of Dow 10,000 means we're heading into a "Bush recovery." Lacamp certainly believes Bush deserves credit:

It defies logic that you can blame Bush for the banking problems, the banking system, and criticize the bailouts, and not give him a little bit of credit right now… Between TARP and his appointment of Ben Bernancke, and he has dropped interest rates to zero which has really helped these banks heal, he has helped on the recovery side of the banks.

The response to this, naturally, has been to focus on right-wingers attempts to bend time: it was an Obama recession before Obama even took the oath of office, yet now, suddenly, it's a Bush recovery.

But in addition, I want to point out that this is yet more evidence that the allegedly post-modern, post-partisan right wing of today is a figment of overactive imaginations.

Yeah, I know that Glenn Beck sometimes says unkind things about George W. Bush, as do the teabaggers. Yeah, I know Republican officeholders sometimes grumble about Bush, too.

That's a temporary condition. The wingers are constantly testing the current, waiting for the right moment to relaunch a PR campaign for the glorious Republican past. If it doesn't really happen this year, it's going to start happening next year, to coincide with the publication of a spate of Bushie memoirs, including W's and Laura's. (And please note: Rush Limbaugh is warning listeners against the idea of voting third-party in the strongest possible terms.)

Will the teabaggers rebel? Nahhh. They'll go where they're led, as usual. All it will take to keep them line is "Look! Evil liberal commie Negro!"

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