Thursday, October 22, 2009


Did Dick Cheney really have the gall to say this in a speech last night?

Most anyone who is given responsibility in matters of national security quickly comes to appreciate the commitments and structures put in place by others who came before.

Does anyone remember Dick Cheney ever expressing appreciation to Bill Clinton for leaving behind a military strong enough to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam's regime in Iraq (if, alas, not strong enough to overcome Bush and Cheney's own massive cock-ups)? Anyone? My right-wing trolls, got a link?

I know Cheney (and Bush) spent a great deal of time in the 2000 campaign accusing Clinton and Gore of "running down" the military and leaving it "in decline." Did Cheney (or Bush) subsequently "come to appreciate" what Clinton had done? If so, did they ever say so?

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