Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Is Sarah Palin's public appearance schedule a sign that she's trying to use some sort of bizarre anti-sex feminism as a way to rally female voters for 2012?

Her major appearances in the Lower 48 earlier this year included a speech at an Indiana Right to Life dinner ... and a tour of sites commemorating early feminism in Seneca Falls, New York. Now she's going to appear on Oprah -- hey, you go, girl! (and I guess this means last year's right-wing Oprah boycott never panned out) -- and she's also making a speech to Wisconsin Right to Life, as well as another at Missouri's College of the Ozarks, a Christian school that, as Wonkette notes, tells students things like this in its handbook (PDF):

Maybe she can sell an anti-sex pseudo-feminist message to a disturbingly large part of America. But given her, um, family's history, I don't think she's going to pull off the trick of selling it to anyone outside the base. But that may not stop her from trying.

The Amy Siskind column explaining why all these Christianist appearances mean that Palin is really, really good for women will be along any day now, I'm sure.


(Wonkette link via Rumproast.)

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